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  • In this lesson we are going to learn how to color faces. when you color a pixel face it is pretty much the same on all faces. This face is one of the most basic faces that we can draw. Plus you can add your own body if you like. Later when you get more experienced and understand how to create your own drawings you will want to come back to this and create your own little body and give your pixel doll a name of it's own. Let's get started!

    In this lesson there will be no supplies provided. You will learn how to draw your pixel and then color it in with your own colors. Please chose the colors you wish to use on your own. This is your face and you may chose the colors of your own choice.

    Step 1. Please open a new transparent image 70 X 70 pixels, zoom in to atleast 800%.

    Your new image looks very small and you are thinking right now, how in the world do I work with this little image? This is why we zoom in so we can work with our pixel brush better.

    Step 2. Add a new Raster Layer. Use the following drawing to draw your own image. Select your brush tool and lower the "size" to 1, Select the square brush, set your color to Black. Begin in the top center of your image to start coloring. If you notice the first long set of pixels are a total of 11. Place your first pixel in the center of the top of your image, color 5 pixels on each side of your first stroke. That will create the basis for the rest of your drawing. Do not worry if it is not completly centered, you have lots of space to work with.

    Sometimes you will notice that most of the drawings have different color lines. This does not mean you are to color them that color, it means that each line that has that color will always have the same amount of strokes in it. Example: If a line is colored yellow, it could have 7 strokes, a blue line could have 6 strokes, a green line could have 5 strokes. Today we are working with the basics of making your own drawing and we will work with the colored drawings later.

    Step 3. After you have completed your drawing and your circle has met in the correct spot, you can then trace your ouline on its own layer in the color of your choice. Make sure this color is slightly darker than the actual color you will be using on your face. I always create my drawing on one layer and then color it on another. If I make any mistakes I have not lost the drawing and I can keep it for use later.

    Step 4. After completing the outline of your face with the darker face color you will need to fill in your face and use the Cutout method using a lighter color for the fill in color. Select your Magic Wand Tool and select inside your face. You can use the following settings for a reference, but remember, this is your face and you can place your light source from any angle. This is the perfect lesson to show you how the Cutout Effect changes the light source from which your image gets its effect.

    This is what my face looks like.

    Step 5. Let's add some blushing cheeks. My cheeks are not really blushing much, just enough to know that I do have some cheeks. The color option is up to you. I used my face outline to pick my cheek colors from. Select your Airbrush Tool, use the following settings.

    The more blushing you want just click more on your area, it will get darker with every click. Do Not move your airbrush around as that will cause your airbrush to paint in other areas than the spot we would like to concentrate on. It should look something like this.

    Step 6. It's starting to take shape! Now we need to get some eyes. Again, the color you chose to have your face is entirely up to you. My eyes are green like mine. Usually when you make dolls, there are always four sets of colors, green, blue, brown, and a lavendar color. Keep that in mind when you create more faces. Select your Brush Tool and put the amound of strokes for your eyelids to start. That will create the center of your eye placement. Try to place them evenly across your face.

    Step 7. Now we need to color your eyes in. Using the flowing chart please begin coloring your eyes just as the example shows using the eye color of your choice. The only areas that you cannot change is the White and Black areas. You will need two colors to make your eyes, one for the outer circle and one for the inner circle.

    Step 8. We need to get some eyebrows now. Use the folliwing example to color in your eyebrows. Notice that my color is not a true black. That's because I am using a more charocal color. You will need to lighten up your black a small amount to get the right color. Your eyebrows should not be placed directly above your eyes, they should be offset by one pixel atleast.

    Step 9. Now we can get our Nose. Select your Paint Brush tool and place the 5 pixel strokes in the center area between your eyes and your chin. I have provided two examples of noses, you can select whichever you wish for your nose. Use the same color as your face outline color to draw your nose.

    Step 10. Oh we are so close! Let's give our face some cute little freckles. Everyone loves freckles, as long as they are on someone else! Grab your Paint Brush Tool and use the same color as you did your outline. Place your freckles on both sides of your nose. Don't put a large about or your face will have acne.

    Step 11. If our face could talk it would even be happier. Let's make our mouth. You will need a lighter color for the outline and a darker color for your actual lips. The colors are your choice. Use the following placement for your lips. Sorry I only have one option for a mouth shape.

    What a cool looking face that you have made!

    Let's save our work, you will need to click on your drawing of your face outline in black and copy and paste that into a new image if you wish to save it, that's your choice. But you will be needing to use it for your homework assignments.

    Now after you have put your outline in it's own image you can run your GIF Optimizer and save it so that you cannot see the white, you should have learnt this in earlier lessons. Name your image in this manner PBLess4(your name)A.gif, All images from this point throughout the rest of the lessons must be saved and sent in in this manner.

    Home Work!

    Turn in your completed image from this lesson.

    Create three more images with different color eyes and blushing cheeks.

    There will be a total of four (4) images turned in for this assignment.

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