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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:



Step 1. Open a new transparent image 144x14 pixels. Flood fill with the color of your choice. You should also open up one of the decorations that came in your lesson supplies. You will need to open them up in Animation Shop and copy and paste it into Paint Shop Pro. If you do not do this you will get the black background behind your .gif file. It does not show in the final blinkie because I corrected that problem by copying and pasting from Animatin Shop. You can set them aside until it's time to use them.

Step 2. Add a border to your image. Your border color should match your decorations that you are going to use. Use the following settings for your border.

Step 3. Open a new transparent image that is large enough for your decorations and your blinkie bar. Here is how you can figure out what the dimensions of your new image should be.

    Image Dimension Configuration
  1. Look to see what the size of your larges decoration is. My Pig is 65x61 pixels.
  2. Check the dimensions of your blinkie bar. My blinkie bar is 150x20.

  3. Add the two numbers together for the total size of the new image dimensions.
  4. 150x20 + 65x61 = 215x81

    The new transparent image should be 215x81 pixels.

Step 4. After you open your new image, copy and paste your blinkie bar into it and any decorations you wish to add.

Step 5. If you want to add text to your blinkie bar follow these directions:

    Adding Text To Blinkie Bar
  1. Select your text tool .
  2. Select a small font and your font colors.
  3. Set your font Units to "PIXELS".
  4. I am using a font called Cordia New set at 12.
  5. Set your font to be created as a Vector so you are able to enlarge it and move it as you wish.
  6. Convert your Vector layer to a Raster layer after you have placed your text where you want it.
  7. Step 6. Merge>All Visible.

    This is what you have so far.

    **Note**The black behind my pig is from my .gif file, I did not open it up in Animation Shop first and then copy and paste it into Paint Shop Pro. Please do not worry about that. It is not in the final blinkie.

    Step 7. Grab your brush tool and select a light color. Your border is 3x3 pixels. Place your brush in the middle pixel row and color 2 pixel spaces, skip 2 spaces, color 2 spaces, skip 2 spaces, color 2 spaces, skip 2 spaces; continue this until you have reached the point at which you started. Leaving 2 blank spaces between where you ended and where you started. You may want to magnify your image more when completing this step.

    Step 8. Now select a dark color to go with your decoration and your blinkie bar.

    Step 9. Duplicate your image.

    Step 10. Working on your first image, using your dark color, color every other set of light colored pixels.

    Step 11. Select your duplicated image. Color the opposite pixel squares that you colored in your first image with your dark color.

    You now have these images viewed at 100%.

    Step 12. Select your first image and copy and paste into Animation Shop as a new animation.

    Step 13. Select your second image and copy and paste it into Animation Shop after the first frame of your animation.

    Step 14. Right mouse click on your animation and select Frame Properties. Set your frame speed to 15. View and admire your animation.

    Step 15. In Animation Shop go to File>Optimization Wizard and optimize your animation. Save it.


    You have just made one of those adorable little blinkies that we all love so much.

    Home Work!

    Turn in the blinkie you made with this lesson and
    two (2) more blinkies.
    You will be turning in a total of three (3) blinkies.

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