Written and Copyright @ cacdesigns 2010
This is my own creation; any similarities to other tutorials are
purely coincidental and unintentional.

Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:
1.  New Image 300 x 300.
2.  Make your settings the same as mine below and yoru foreground make it #000000.
3.  Lets start with the flag pool.
4.  Lets move to the left sail
5.  Right sail
6.  Bottom portion of the boat.
This is what my boat looks like finished:
7.  Save your finished boat as a png or pspimage so you can use it again.
Now let's color it.
8.  Click on your left sail with your magic wand and flood fill it with white.
9.  Now lets add a shadow to it.  While its still highlighted go to selections/float.  Now to go effects/3d effects/cut out and apply this cut out.
10.  Selections/select none.
11.  Now select the right sail with your magic wand and flood fill it with white.
12.  Selections/float and apply the same cut out as above.
13.  Selections/select none.
14. Lets work on our flag.  I'll show you by my example what I did.  You can choose to do it the way I did or on your own.  If you want the colors I used then just right click on the image below and save to your C drive.
15.  This is what I did for the bottom part of the boat.
1st select the boat part and flood fill it with your choice I used: #95602b
I then added a new raster layer and flood filled that layer with this color:  #c39559
Then I went and added noise to the new layer this was my setting:
Finally on that layer I added this motion blur.
Finally I re-outlined everything to coordinate with the colors that I used.  See Example.  This is a matter of choice so its not necessary to re-outline unless you want to.
1.  Turn in your PNG boat outline for credit.
2. Turn in your colored pixel boat for credit.



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