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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:

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In this lesson were going to learn a basic outline to get you use to pixel spaces.

Make your paint brush setting the same as mine above.

1.  New image 200 x 200. Before pixeling zoom in to about 800.

2.  Make your paint brush settings the same as mine above.  Use black as your foreground color.

3.  Below is the start of our box outline.  I have included the number of pixels paint that you use as your creating your present.  I color coded it so you can see were the stop and starts are.When you get to the top of it were its pink just make sure that the line is across the entire top and does not overlap.  Remember to count out each click of the paint brush as you go.

4. You should now have a perfect box with dividers in the center. Now lets start the bow.

5.  Notice my image below.  I started in the center line and counted out 8 pixels then moved up above and to the side and counted out 2.

6. Now finish out the line like so:

7. Now lets start the other side. I'm using the Red to show you the stop and start spots

8. Make a new raster layer and rename it bow. On that layer start your pixels. Now lets start moving up to make our bow.  I'm going to start at the right side. Follow my examples as I go.  At any point you don't see a number next to the pixel that is 1 pixel. Notice how I stagger the pixels.  You don't want a straight line what makes it the effect that your looking for is the staggering of the pixels.

9. Duplicate your bow raster and mirror image.  Sometimes this works when working with pixels other times its just a lot clicking...LOL.

10.  Move your new raster bow layer and line it up with what you have already drew out like so:

11. Now connect the bow in the center like so:

This is what my finished box looks like now:


Okay lets color it Cherie's quick way.  LOL

1.  In the box portion using your magic wand select inside the box like so:

2. Choose a color of your choice and flood fill it like so.  I used this color  #7394b5.

3. With it still selected go to adjust/add remove noise/add noise and make your settings as uniform checked, monochrome checked noise 7.

4. Selections/select none.

5.  now use your magic wand and select inside of each portion of your bow.  Find a coordinating color and flood fill it.  I used this:  #8ebbe9  This is what mine looks like now:

6. With it still selected go to adjust/add remove noise/add noise and make your settings as uniform checked, monochrom checked and noise 15.

7.  Selections/select none.

8.  Now take a darker color than your bow and outline the bow and the ribbon like so:

9. I wanted my package to look like it had a shadow under the lid so using this color #4a7394 I painted a line accross the bottom portion of the lid like so:

10. Save it as a png and send it in for credit.


This is my finished result.



1.  Turn in your finished package into the group for credit.

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