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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:


Step 1. Open your lesson supplies .rar file .

Step 2. Send your image to Paint Shop Pro so you can start your coloring. Be sure to zoom in to 400%.

Step 3. Open your color chart included in your supplies, it's time to start coloring.

Step 4. Select your brush tool PSP 9 PSP XI and use the Preset you made in the Intro lesson or you can use the following settings.

**If you are using PSP 9 your tool bar for your brushes will not look the same, don't be alarmed, just set the settings you have available.**

Step 5. Click on your foreground on your colors palette and type in the HTML code which is the letters and numbers typed on the color you are going to use. In this case you will be using E2C212.

Step 6. Begin coloring the outside of your bus until you have went all around your bus.

Leaving the "School" uncolored, the lights, bumper and tires all uncolored.

Step 7. Now switch to the darker red color, B92411. Color around all of your lights.

Step 8. Here is where your effects take place. Switch to your Magic Wand tool PSP 9 PSP XI and select inside your lights. Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout and use the following settings. Do this for each of the lights on your bus.

Step 9. Let's color our "School" sign. Using your Magic Wand Tool select inside the sign box.

Step 10. Use your Cutout Effect with the following settings.

Now you may use your brush tool to color inside the two 0s that were not able to be selected.

Step 11. We are going to work on the area around the lights now. Use your Magic Wand Tool and select the area outside the lights.

Use the Cutout Effect with the following settings.

Step 12. Grab your Paint Brush Tool with the same settings as earlier. Color the black stripes that are located on your bus.

We do not have to add a Cutout Effect to the black stripes, you don't want any depth in them.

Step 13. Let's color the majority of the bus now. Select your Magic Wand Tool and click in the area outside of your door but below your colored area around your lights.

Now use your Cutout Effect with the following settings.

Step 14. Let's work on our door. Using your Magic Wand Tool, select the area on your door. Use the Cutout Effect with the same settings as in Step 14.

Step 15. We need to color our window so all our little school friends don't jump out. Using your Magic Wand select the area inside your window.

Use the following settings to color our window. You may do this for each window. These settings will allow the light to come from the angle we chose. If you want to change your angle of your light source you should change your Vertical and/or Horizontal settings.

This is what you should have your windows looking like now.

You will need to go back over the outline of your windows with your black brush to clear out the uneeded color.

Step 16. We are going to work on our bumper now. Grab your Magic Wand Tool and select the area inside the bumper on each side. Use the Cutout Effect with the following settings for each side of your bumper.

This is what your bumper should look like now. When you are working with a selection that has both a top and a bottom that needs to be colored you must do the Vertical side of your Cutout Effect and the Horizontal side with opposites. If you do not your image will not look balanced and you will get the wrong effect.

You will need to trace your outline of your bumper with black again to take out the unwanted gray colors.

Step 17. We need to get our License Plate colored now. Grab your Magic Wand Tool and select the area around the word "bus". Use your Cutout Effect with the following settings.

Again, you may have to recolor your black outline of your License Plate to remove any shading placed there. This is what your License Plate should look like now.

Step 18. Wow! we are down to our tires now. Tires are a little tricky. The Cutout Effect on tires are determined by the size and angle of the tire that you are working with. Wide tires are the easiest and what's even better is when they are viewed from behind with no tread marks. Grab your Magic Wand Tool and select inside each tire. Color the inside of the tire using the Color Chart included in your Lesson Supplies folder.

Use the following settings for the Cutout Effect.

Then also do the opposite of the last setting because we have a top and a bottom we are working with.

Step 19.Now that we have finished our bus we are going to take out the white background. This can be done by two ways, we are going to learn one of them right now.

Click on the outside of your bus, you will see the marching ants around your bus, hit Delete on your keyboard. Boom! All of the white around your bus is gone.

This is what your bus will look like before and after.

Don't you just love this adorable little bus? Are you hooked yet? If not, you will be on the next lesson.

Homework Assignment:

Inside your Lesson Supplies folder you will see several other outlines that I have included in that file.
Please use the method you have learnt in this lesson to color atleast 3 of the other images.
What you will be sending is is this:

  • The image you completed with the lesson
  • Two other images from the Supplies, colored
  • A total of three images

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