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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:

My Color Chart.  Save to your C drive.

1.  New image 100 x 100.

2.  Your going to have to zoom in to about 1000.

3.  Complete your outline like mine below.  Remember if there is no number associated with the pixel then its 1 pixel or 2 pixels.

4. After you complete your outline right click and copy it.  Start a new image 50 x 50 and paste as a new layer so that it is in the center of your working canvas.  You can close your original outline now.

5.  Save the new outline as a PNG save so that you can use it again if you choose to do so.

6.  Above is my color chart in case you want to make other butterflies of different colors.  For this lesson were going to look at shadows and lights. 

7.  Set your foreground color to: #a25870 go to selections/select all then selections/float and flood fill with your foreground color.

8.  Selections/select none.

9.  Now that your outline is colored set your foreground color to: #cea4b2.

10.  Using your magic wand click inside the butterfly wings and flood fill with your foreground color:

11. Selections/select none.

12.  Set your foreground color to #f9c1d8 and outline in the same manner that I have.  See below:

13. Set your foreground color to #fbd5e6 and make your next outline the same as mine below.

14.  Set your foreground color to #fdedf5 and outlie the center of your butterfly in the transparent areas.


15. Change your foreground to black and lets give your butterfly a little definition.  Outline the center and the antennas of the butterfly.  See my example below.


16. Add this drop shadow to your finished butterfly.

17.  Save it as a PNG and turn it in for credit.



Home Work!

1.  Turn in your finished butterfly in PNG format.

2.  Color 2 more butterflies and turn in as PNG format.


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