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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:

In this lesson were going to learn how cutouts will give us wonderful colors and designs for our pixels.

So lets get started.  This outline is my creation and were going to color it.  Right click on it and save it to your C drive.


1.  Pull up the outline in your PSP, duplicate it and close the orginal one.

2.  Pull up your color charts into PSP.

3.  Set your foreground color to : #000040

4.  Selections/select all then selections/float.

5.  Flood fill your outline with your foreground color.

6.  Selections/select none.

7.  Take your magic wand and click along the bottom of your cap and in the sleeve.  Flood fill it with your foreground color.  See my example of were to select.

8. Selections/float.

9.  Effects/3d effects/cutouts and apply this cut out.  Your shadow color is #dfe7eb

10.  Selections/select none.

11.  Use your magic wand and click on the outer loops of your wings.  See my finished example as to were to select.  Make sure you pick all the areas including inside one eye of the mask.

12.  Flood fill with your foreground color.

13. Selections/float

14.  Effects/3d effects/cutout your shadow color is the same as above. Use the same cut out as above.

15.  Selections/select none.

16.  Change your foreground color to: #556f92

17. Take your magic wand and click inside the dress were going to click in certain sections so look at me example below after I flood fill it to see were to select.

18. Selections/float.

19. Effects/3d effects/cutout make your shadow color  #cce4ec

20.  Do the effects again but change your settings to +4 vertical and Horizontal.

21.  Selections/select none.

22.  Use your magic wand and click inside the coat.  Again my example will follow.

23.  Set your foreground to #657583 and flood fill your selection.

24.  Selections/float

25.  3d effects/cutout and your shadow color is #fbf8f3 make your settings like mine below:

26.  Repeat step 25 but do the negative vertical and horizontal.

27.  Selections/defloat.

28.   Adjust/add remove noise/add noise with these settings.

29.  Selections/select none.

30.  Using your magic wand click in all the areas that would be flesh.  My example will follow.

31.  Set your foreground color to: #d8a14e

32.  Flood fill your selection.

33.  Selections/float

34.  Lets add this cutout, your shadow color is: #b77026

35.  Selections/select none.

36.  Set your foreground color to #000040.

37. Using your magic wand we want to select some other parts of her dress see my example.

38.  After you select it flood fill it with your foreground color.

39. Selection/float.

40. Here are your cut out settings your shadow color is #d8d8d6

41.  Selections/select none.

42.  Change your foreground color to #c74b6c.

43.  Use your magic wand and click in the color and on the flower of the dress again see my example.

44. Once selected flood fill with your color.

Note: I  boxed off areas were pixels are very small and you need to click in the actual pixel area once so that you don't end up with transparent portions of your designed. 

45.  Selections/float

46.  Lets add this cut out.  Your shadow color will be #ffe1eb

47.  Selections/select none.

48.  Using the same color as our foreground lets select some portions of our wings.  See my example.  Flood fill after you selected.

49.  Selections/float.

50.  Lets apply this cutout.  Shadow color is the same.

51.  Repeat the process this time change the vertical to -1 and horizontal to -5.

52.  Selections/select none.

53.  Change your foreground color to #950023

54.  Use your magic wand and select inside the remaining portions of the wings. Again see my example below.  Flood fill once your happy with your selections.

55.  Selections/float.

56.  Repeat step 50.

57.  Adjust/add remove noise/add noise and use these settings:

58.  Selections/select none.

59.  I think by now your getting the main idea and I'm going to ask you to finish the rest of this design using colors that we used through out the lesson.  My finished image will directly follow this.  One thing I will point out is the hair line.  See my example.  You can color the hair any color you choose.  I used black.

60.  Remember your eyes they should not be transparent so white in the center and maybe a dot of color.

61.  I changed the color of my outline on certain sections to match close to the actual color.  For example on the face I made the outline a little more like flesh.

Here is my image finished.


Home Work!

1.  Turn in your finished image.

2.  Do another one with your outline this time choose your own colors be as creative as you like.  And have fun.. Thats the most important part. 

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