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This is my own creation; any similarities to other tutorials are
purely coincidental and unintentional.

Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:
In this lesson were going to learn about shadows and blends.
My outline:
1. Right click above on the elephant outline and save to your c drive.  Open up in your PSP.
2.  I have already added the correct color on his outline so we do not need to re-outline it.
3.  Take your magic wand and click inside of the elephant.  Don't forget to select areas like within the tail.  His tusk and eyes do not get selected.
4.  Flood fill your selected area with #b5bbb1.  See my example below:
5.  Go to selections/float and then to 3d effects/cutout and apply this cut out make your shadow color #72798c
6. Selections/float.
7.  Add a new raster layer and rename it lights.
8.  Change your paint brush settings to round size 7.  See my settings below:
9. In your foreground change the color to #a5acbf.
10.  On your lights raster layer draw some color around your elephant around the ears and the back, around the legs see my example on how I colored it.
11. When your happy with your color go to adjust/blur/Gaussian Blur radius 5.
12. Do not deslect.  Add another raster layer and name it darks.  Change your paint brush settings to size 3 and your foreground to #6e7683.  Follow my example below and give your elephant some dark shadows:
13.  When your happy with your color go to adjust/blur/gaussian blur radius 3.
14.  Right click on darks layer and merge visible.
15.  Go to adjust/add noise and follow my settings below:
16. Selections/select none.  This is what mine looks like now:
17.  Lets work on the eyes.  Use your magic wand and select inside the center circle of the eyes and flood fill with black.
18.  Then change your foreground to white and your brush size to 1 and square and place a 1 pixel box in the center of the eyes.
19.  Selections/select none.
20. Now select in all the blank spots around the eyes and flood fill with: #e7eded.
21.  Selections/select none.
22.  With your magic wand select the blank spots were the tusk are and flood fill with #c6d8dc.
23.  While still selected go add this noise:
24.  Selections/select none
Save it as a png.
1.  Turn in your finished elephant for credit.



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