Tiny Pixel Heart :

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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:
Step 1: We are going to make a mini heart. It's called a mini because it is actually a very small heart that goes with the mini class of pixels. In pixels there are regular pixels and mini pixels. Our heart is a mini.

Step 2: Open a new transparent image 30x30 in PSP. Magnify your image to 1000%. You can magnify your image by using the scroll button on your mouse or by going to View>Zoom. You should now have the following image:

Step 3: Grab your paint brush and use the following settings. Usually when working with pixel painting/coloring/drawing your settings will not change. I have never had to use any other setting while working in pixels. Set your brush color to #d01516 for both foreground and background colors.

Step 4: Starting in the middle of your image follow the chart below for the placement of your pixels. A pixel is one click of your left mouse button. Even if you click in the same spot more than once, that is still considered a pixel. Usually the number of pixels if it is more than 1 or 2 will be shown by a number next to that series in a drawing chart.

Step 5: Grab your magic wand and select inside your heart outline. Flood fill with color #fb090e.

Step 6: Keeping your selected area selected go to Selections>Float.

Step 7: Go to Effects>3D Effects>Cut Out. Use the following settings. This is where the shading is done and gives the pixel either a realistic look or a cartoon look. It all depends on how much shading you do and the colors you have used to paint your drawing with.

Selections, None.

This is what your heart should look like now.

Step 8: Reduce your image to 100% and adore your little mini heart.

Home Work!

1. Turn in your heart from the lesson directions.
2. Make 2 other hearts of different colors.
3. A total of three hearts.

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