Pixel Outlines

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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:

 I'm not much for talking out a lesson I'm more about showing.  However I think the only way to show you is to tell you.  So here we go.

It took me forever to figure out how outlines were made.  I have joined pixel groups and not one of them showed you how they come up with the outlines.  Folks are talented don't get me wrong but not so talented that that can sit with a canvas and draw it out.  Oh I'm sure there are a few out that can but what about those like myself that can't. 

So I started searching for ways and I found 2 ways discovered on my own that I like to use.  So lets try both ways.

So I went on searches on the internet for coloring pages and tried all kinds of things, I tried reducing the size cutting it out and none of those worked so finally I tired zooming out on the image and then taking a screen shot of it and what ya know it worked and showed me in pixel format so lets give it a try.

1.  Right click and save this coloring page to your C drive.  Its pretty big its just reduced here.


2.  Pull it up in your PSP and zoom out to about 10%.

3.  Take a screen shot of it.

4.  Right click and paste as a new layer.

5.  Use your crop tool and crop it off to what your just going to be working on.

6. Right click and promote the background layer.

7. Add a new raster layer and change your foreground to red.

8.  Now zoom in and start outlining.  I did the star to show you how it looks.

9.  After you have everything outlined flood fill the outline with black.

10.  Save your outline as a png so anyone can use it or you can color it later.

11. Notice examples below.  You will see multiple pixels that show up.  As your outlining you have to remember that pixels consist of single lines not multiple ones together.  Doing that makes your image blotchy.  See my wrong and right ways below:

This is an example of the wrong way.  Notice I outlined everything that I seen making it all bunch together.

This next example is the same area as above only its the right way to pixel. Its made up of single pixels staggered instead of all bunched together.

12.  Your assignment will be to finish off the castle, bucket and star.  I would do the outlines on separate layers so you have 3 separate outlines to offer or color.


Second Method

After talking with Chris she suggested using cross stitch patterns.  So I did a search for free ones and what ya know it worked perfectly.

Let's give it a try.  PS:  I only use the thumbnails offered and not the actual pattern because they are Hugh.

Right click and copy this to your C drive:

1. Promote the background layer.

2. Add a new raster layer and like above use red as your foreground.

3.  Zoom in on it and start outlining.  I started the bottle to show you how I did it.  So see my example below:

Got the idea? Notice they are zigzag through out the outline.

4.  After you outline it flood fill it with black.

5.  Save it as a PNG so you can offer it or color it.

6.  Turn them both in for credit.


Third Method

Finally the easiest way that I have found to do pixels is by doing your pen tool.  Set your settings the same as mine below:

Right click and save this image to your C drive.

1.  Make your foreground red: #ff0000 and close off your background.

2.  Zoom in on your bird to around 600.

3.  Right click and promote the background layer.

4.  Add a new raster layer and I renamed mine bird.

5.  Using your pen tool were going to want to make short strokes.  If you make them longer they will not be smooth.  See my example below:

Long Stroke

Short Stroke

6.  Once you got the stroke that you want right click on the end point and click apply.  See my example below:

7.  Continue on with your bird but remember like above you want to stagger the pixels not have them joined.  Again see this example with the pen below.

Wrong way

The right way

8.  Finish off your bird outline using this technique.

9.  Save it as a PNG and turn it in for credit.

10.  Color it and turn your finished bird in for credit.


Home Work!

1.   Finish off the castle, bucket and star from the coloring page. Color them and turn them in for credit.

2.  Finish everything on the cross stitch except for the baby that's a lot of work. LOL Make each of your outlines on different layers.  Send in each layer as a png outline.

3.  Color each of the cross stitch finished outlines and turn in for credit as a PNG save.

4. Turn in your pen outline and your finished bird for credit.

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