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Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:


In this lesson were just going to take the outline supplied and color it.

Make your paint brush setting the same as mine above.

1.  Open up the cacpenqoutline in psp.  Duplicate it and then close the orginal one.

2.  Open up the color chart from the supplies. 

3.  Choose number 1 from the paint pallet and outline your penguin like so:

Note:  I put a red background on my images so you could see my outlines better.

4.  From your paint pallet choose number 2 and outline the face like below:

5. From the paint pallet choose number 3 and outline the same as I have.  See below:

6. Choose number 4 and color in some of the beak.

7. Choose number 5 and continue coloring in the beak.

8. Choose number 6 and finish the center part of your beak.

9. Use your magic wand and click in the center of your face and flood fill with #fdfbf7.

10.  Selections/select none.

11.  Using your magic wand again click inside the wings that you outlined and the center of the penguin.  Flood fill with the same color.

12.  Selections/select none.

13.  Using your magic wand click in all the rest of the areas of your penguin except for the feet and flood fill with #232749.

14.  Selections/float.

15. Effects/3d effects/cutout change your cutout color to this: #5158a3 and apply this cutout.

16.  Selections/select none.

17. Using color number 3 outline his feet.

18. Use your magic want and select inside the feet flood fill it with color number 4 from the pallet.

19.  Selections/select none.

20. Choose color number 5 from the pallet and lets shadow some of his feet.  See my example below:

21. Chose color number 6 and lets add a little lighter shadow on his feet like so:

Note:  It does not have to be exactly like mine the point of pixeling is to make the shadows so that it gives the image depth.

22. Choose color number 7 and outline your fishing rod.  The outside only.  Do not outline the fishing string will do that later.

23. Now lets add some light and dark shadows.  Using colors number 8 and 9 follow my example below or choose to do it your way and add those colors.

24. For the reel I did exactly the same thing but did not outline it.  I left it black.

25 Choose color number 10 and outline your fishing line all the way to the hook.  Will use gray for the hook so stop before you get to the hook.

26. Use color number 11 and outline your hook.

27. Still using the color from number 11 outline your bucket but leave the handle black.

28. Between colors 10 and16 I added a lot of grays to the pallet.  Using these colors add some dark and light highlights.  I have my bucket shown below as an example.

29. Now using the darker of the blues from the pallet outline your fish.  Again I have given lots of different shades of blue. Using those blues add the shadows to your fish.  My are below as an example.

30.  Save it as a PNG and turn it in for credit.



1.  Turn in your finished penguin into the group for credit.

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