Vines and Flowers


Written and Copyright @ cacdesigns 2010
This is my own creation; any similarities to other tutorials are
purely coincidental and unintentional.

Move the hand along each step you are on so you don't lose track:

Just left click on the hand and drag to where your at:
My color chart:
1.  New Image 200 x 200.
2.  Make your settings the same as mine below and your foreground make it #000000. Your brush settings should be the same as mine below:
3.  Were going to make our outline first just follow along as we go. Make a new raster layer and rename that layer flower.  Let's draw it out:
4.  Now click on raster 1 and rename it stem.  Were going to build our steam on that layer.  I have it broke down by sections.  The purple section in the example are what we are starting with.  Remember to start close to the top of your working canvas.
2nd part:
3rd part
Now that you have both your flower and your vine outline save this one as a pspimage.  If you save as a png image it will save the two together.  I had you do this lesson on 2 separate layers so that you can make as many vines and flowers as you want without repeating the process of the outline.
1.  Turn in your pspimage outline for credit.
2. Turn in your colored pixel vine and flower for credit.
3. Using the separate layers make several different types of designs with either adding additional vines and flowers to get different effects.  See some of my examples below for ideas.



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