Written and Copyright @cacDesgins
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.



Selections and color pallet is available in the zipfile
Place all your selections in your selections folder under your PSP files in your documents folder.

Right click on my color pallet and save it to your psp folders for later use.

Color choices are yours on the second one but please follow my color choices to turn in as part 1 of the assinment.

Let's get started

1. New transparent image 493 x 679

2. Start with cacstaff1 and go all the way through cacstaff29. Remember to create each selection on its on layer and remember cutouts, bevels and drop shadows which help with diffentions.


1. You only have to create one but this is your final so make it worth your wild. You have animation under your belt, frames, bevels, drop shadows and now cutouts. PSP is your oyster now create the pearl. Don't send this one in unless you have taken it to the next level of your abilities and make something that you can use later. Decorate your desk, make it animted, make it a room be creative these are only suggestons.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.