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tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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Make a folder in your PSP folders in All lessons under baby bee and title it Crop.

Screen shots are easy and can be done from your keyboard. There are programs out there but you don't need one as long as you have a paint programs. So let's get started.

Take a look at your keyboard. A standard computer keyboard has all the standard buttons on it usually no matter what kind you have. The keys may be in different places but they should all be there.

On the keyboard you will see a button that either says PrtSrn or one that says Print Screen like the one below:

Now let's test your computer and on the graphic below click on your key boards print screen button.


You won't really see anything when you hit the button. Now go to your PSP and right click and paste as a new image. You should see this:

After you right click and paste as a new image your picture that you took will look like this:

Its that simple but of course when you do a screen shot you have to size it down and you want to get rid of the images around it so let's do a quick lesson about cropping. Your going to get another one on this so you will be an expert by the time you get to the lesson...LOL.

Take a look at your PSP tool bar it looks like this:

Click on the crop tool . The crop tool is used to cut off access portion of images. Take your mouse and hold down your left mouse button and start drawing a box around the bee image. A shadow will go around the outer portion of the box and the part of the image that you want to save will be white. Like so:

Now in the center of the box notice from the picture above the square little box. Double click there and your image will be cropped down to just the bee like so:

Your new image looks like this:

So we went from a large picture of your computer screen to just the bee. Pretty cool isn't it....


Okay so now take your new image and in PSP go to file/export/jpg optimizer click okay and find your folder on your desktop (refer to the file set up lesson if you need help) find the folder called screenshots and save it as "bee screenshot". Click save and your done.





Send in your lesson like so: Baby Bee Screen Shot (name) for credit. Send them to: