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Many people think that you have to install a font in order to use it in your PSP. I was one of those people. But thanks to my good friend Rene she taught me another way and easier way to do it. And duh me its in the lessons as well. Something I definitely missed. So I decided to do a tutorial dedicated on helpful PSP tips.

PSP when saving many things to it like fonts, or images can really slow it down and it takes longer for tools to load so to avoid that length of wait were going to explore some short cuts. The first thing you want to do is create a file just for fonts. I put mine on my desktop and Rene keeps hers in her document folder. This is up to you obviously were you want that folder to be. I'm going to show you my way and then you decide.

The first thing you want to do is right click on your desktop then click on "New" then Folder.

Then name it fonts:

You can find all kinds of fonts on the internet I'm going to include a link for you to download fonts from to your new "Font" folder on your desk top. Go to this site (click on the name Dafont) Dafont find a font and download it to your new folder. I chose camelot initials.

I put basic directions for downloading when you save them if you are unfamiliar with that. If you are familiar with downloading fonts skip this step.

When you click on your font that you want it will prompt you to save it. Don't open it you want to save it.

Find the folder that you want to save it in. Note: this site everything comes as download you can change the name of it by changing the filename from download to the actual font name. Just in case you want to download more than one while your visiting that site.

Don't open. close it after you have downloaded it.

Go to your fonts folder on your desktop and open it up. Fonts will come zipped up and depending on the type of zip package you have on your computer will depend on how you unzip it. For me I just right click on the actual font name and extract here. But you may have to either go to file and unzip it or you may have the option to right click on it and unzip it as well.

Once you have extracted or unzipped the font you can delete the actual zip file. Your new fonts will always have a Large T indicating its a text file.

Now that you have learned how to download the fonts lets use them from the folder you have on your desk top.


(The following instructions are for operating systems prior to Windows 7. Tutorial for using Fonts with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 is HERE)

Open up your PSP and make sure your "Fonts" Folder is opened at the bottom of your windows.

Now click on File/new and make a new image. Settings do not matter were just playing around. Click on your A tool and look for the font that you just uploaded to your fonts folder. Chances are you will not see it. Remember mine was called camelot. Notice its not there.

Now open up your fonts folder from the bottom of your computer and double click on the font you want to use.

You will actually get that font to come up in a separate window like so:

Now with the font that you want to use up in a view minimize it so its down on your computers start bar like so:

Go back to your PSP and again open a new image and click on the A tool go scroll through your fonts and what ya know there it is.

As long as you have the view of that font up at your start bar you can use it in PSP. There are several reasons for doing this, 1st to eliminate the amount of memory it takes to use fonts in PSP and second you can pull your fonts up and check the look of them prior to using them.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

ASSIGNMENT for this lesson will be to show me a screen shot of your fonts 1 without the font and then the next one a screen shot of it with the font.



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