Baby Bee Lesson 4


Written and Copyright Cherie
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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Make a folder in your PSP folders in All lessons under baby bee and title it Workspace.


Customizing your Workspace

There are certain tools that I use all the time and then some I only use on an occasion. So I set up my PSP to better suit myself.

I'm going to show you how I set up mine and then you go and set yours up the best way you think it will work for you.

First lets take a look at a typical PSP workspace.

The Left side (Main Tool Bar) is were all your tools are. Your paint brush, move, crop, eraser, paint buck, text tool, preshape tools. These are the tools that you will use all the time.

Every time you use a tool a new bar will appear at the top of your PSP. Look at the one I have listed as "Your Tools Options". That tool bar will come up so that you can easily make changes to the tool that you are currently working on.

I showed you script tools but I never use them so mine are turned off and later I will show you how to do that.

Materials Pallet controls the way you color your work by either color, pattern or gradient.

Overview shows your work as you go.

Layers is the project. For each new item you add to your project a new layer will be added.

Each one of the above items will be gone over in a future lesson but for now just get use to the feel and look of your PSP.

Now let's work on your PSP.

The first thing I want you to do is to go to view at the top of your PSP and then click on toolbars. A list of tool bars will come up but not all are necessary. If you click on one like I have (Effects) and its not docked it will float on your PSP. To dock it just left click on the top of the bar (example on the word effects) hold the left mouse button down and drag up to the part of your PSP you would like it to be. That way every time you start your PSP it will be there.

I have put a list of the ones that I have turned off and the ones I used. They are all docked on the top of my PSP because I use those most frequently.

Once you get your toolbars docked go back to view and click on Customize.

This will bring a box like below. This is a very quick and easy way to dock other type of tools that you use frequently. For example I docked my jpeg optimizer and my gif Optimizer so I don't have to constantly go to file/export yadda yadda all the time. I have it on my main PSP bar and I only have to push the button. To dock it you just click & drag on it from customize and drag it to were you want it. That's it.

See I only have to push the button to get the same effect.


Your PSP has lots of short cuts one of my favorite sayings for the computer is "Right click is your friend". So on a blank spot on your PSP right click and it will bring up a box like below. This is a shortcut for tools. If you find your Materials pallet went poof well this is a way to bring it back.


To dock your materials pallet or your layers or even your overview right click like above and then click on the one your missing. It will show up either in the last place it was docked or if its never been docked it will show up floating on a blank spot on your PSP. To dock it click on the top bar of the box (see example Materials) and drag it to the right hand side of your PSP. I placed mine above overview.

Assignment for this lesson will be to take a screen shot of your PSP and send it in for credit. Click on the "mail me" to send it.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and ask questions because there is no such thing as a stupid question just a stupid answer.