The Do Not's

1. Do not redistribute them as a tube to tube groups.

2. You may not resell any of the graphics created by as a clip art or

any other type of art collection that you claim as yours.

3. You may not take the scrapbook items that I have created and offer them through share groups.

This is a direct violation of terms and anyone doing this will be removed from my site with no money back.

4. Do not offer my graphics or tubes for download in their original form whether

that be tubes, png, clip art and backgrounds.

5. Do not 3rd party link from my site. It causes me to pay extra money for you to link from me.

I end up paying for your bandwidth.

6. NONE of my graphics are permitted to be used on sites that promote child abuse,

hatred, ethnic discrimination and pornography.

7. Free tubes and graphics are for personal use only and are not to be sold in any form.

 Link back to my site is required.

8. No images may be reproduced by any method that include screen captures.

9. Do not redistribute or attempt to sell any of these graphics in any collection on the internet,

CD/DVD, or by any other electronic means.

10. You may not alter, crop images and distribute them as your own created tube.