The Do's


1. You can use my graphics to make sig tags for yourself or others.


2. You can use them for web pages, blogs, stationary, ect.

3. Anything that you create with the images is yours to sell or distribute. Example web pages.

4. You may use the scrap kit items that I have made for your designs for resell.

You may not however resell my designs as your own.


5. Any pixel items that I have created you may use for your designs for resell.

Same applies to the resell and claiming it as your own.


6. Member tubes and graphics are permitted to be used for any pay ware and commercial creations

such as candy wrappers, stationary, cards, web sets,

signatures, cafe' press and more.

Members do not have to link back but credit placed on a resource or links page would be greatly appreciated.


7. Anything you create and design with our tubes is yours to use as

you wish for either commercial or personal use.

8. Members websets and templates may be used for either personal or commercial use.

But must be saved within your own server and not 3rd party linked.