Hi and welcome to my site.  Here you will find copy free graphics that I have made using a poser program. On the left hand side you will see were I have previews of everything I make including some gifts for visiting my site.  I upload almost weekly now and it is still a work in progress.  I charge for the poser because of the amount of money it cost me to bring these tubes to you.  It also helps me cost for any request that you may have. 

Membership information can also be found over on the right.    If you are a member of Krissy's New bees then you will receive a life time membership with a significant savings. Krissy's is a PSP Yahoo group that we teach all levels of PSP including HTML and BETA for those league folks out there.  If your interested in joining Krissy's the link is below and it is free to all who just want to learn.