1st. Place the top image in the same spot as you see it here on your customized tourney page.

Top Image Link:

2nd. The center HTML section is pasted in the large white box in the center of the customize tourney page. To copy and paste, click in the white box, right click, then click on "select all". Right click again after text is highlighted, make sure your mouse is over the highlighted text and click on "copy".

3rd. Color choices for text, ect is your choice and that is accomplished by numbers, example 000000 = black.

Background color: #
Link color: #
Text color: #
Header background color: #
Header text color: #
Small header color: #
Title color: #
Custom HTML:
Goes below the ad.  Case's
Ladder not responsible for any
problems resulting from
custom HTML.
Background Image:
4th. Place the bottom image in the same spot as you see here on your customized tourney page.

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