Painting a Pond, Part 2

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tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Good luck and have fun!

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Let us Begin!

Step 1:   Open your PSP Painting we started in our Last lesson:

This is where we left off in Part 1:

Step 2:   Lets make the Big Boulders now: Open a new Image 300 x 300

Step 3:   With the Preset Shape Set on Ellipse: Draw out the Shape like this:


Step 4:   Convert to a Raster Layer / rename it Rock outline

Step 5:   Click inside the Rock outline with the Magic Wand:

Step 6:   With the Oil Brush/ Paint in the Rock like you did the Pond:


Step 7:   Convert the Art Media Layer to a Raster Layer and Name it Boulder

Step 8:   Using the Smudge Tool    Located in the Tool Bar Two Above the Eraser: Start to Smooth and shape your Boulder: See Example:


Step 9:   Selection/ Invert (For Reverse Drop Shadow)

Step 10:   Add drop shadow: See Example for my Settings:

EXAMPLE: First one:

EXAMPLE: Second one:

Step 11:   After I added the Two Drop shadows I decided that I needed a little more Sun light bouncing off the rock: So/Invert the Marching Ants/ and add more white with my oil like this: See Example:


Step 12:   Convert To Raster and Smudge the Highlights: See my Example:


Step 13:   After you have the Boulder painted and created the way you want it.. Remove the Marching ants and Merge visible: (Save as a PSP file/ You now can use this over and over again as a Tube:)

Step 14:   Copy the Boulder and Past it into your Painting: I used 3 in mine: All the Same Boulder But you can change yours if you like so they don't all look the same or you may just want to use one:

Step 15:   Resize them and place them where you would like them: I placed mine behind the Pond so they would be part of the background and Gave them the Illusion of distance:


Step 16:   Now Your ready to Copy and past the Tree Line that I provided for you In Supplies 2: See my Example:


Step 17:   I wanted my tree Line to go all the way across the back for me so I duplicated the Tree Line and pulled the Duplicated Tree Line to the Left: See my Example:


Step 18:   To give the Trees more of a (in the Distance Look).. Lower the Opacity some: I have mine set at 82:

Step 19:   I wanted to put a Even more distant and Deeper look to the Painting so: Close everything but the Tree Line:

Step 20:   Merge Visible And Rename Tree Line:

Step 21:   Open everything back up

Step 22:   Behind the Tree Line Create a new Raster layer: Name it Bushes

Step 23:   With a Nice Bushy Paint Brush Tip/ And a Dark color: Start to create a Brush line like this: See my Example:


Step 24:   Lowering the Opacity gives it a even more Distant Look: See Example:

EXAMPLE: Opacity lowered to 56

Time for Shadows in the Pond:

Step 25:   You will find in the Supplies that you have a Black and White Tree line I provided for you: Copy and Past this into your Painting:


Step 26:

Image/ Flip

Step 27:  

Resize by 80%

Step 28:

Move it so that the top of the Tree sits in the Pond like this:


Step 29:

Remove all the Black and White Tree line that isn't sitting inside the Pond: See my Example:


Step 30:  

Lower the Opacity to 62%


Step 31:  

Duplicate the Flowers you want to show a Reflection with:

Step 32:  

flip them/ Place them and lower the Opacity: See my Example:


Notice that I have lowered the Opacity to 62% for the flowers too: But left the color because they are closer and your able to see the colors in them:

Step 33:  

Give them a touch of blur/ I set my blur at 2


Step 34:  

Now finish up your Sky: I have included a Bird in the Supplies that you can Size down and include into your sky: See my Example:


To Add a Sun:

Step 35:  

Pick the Area you think the Sun is peaking through..

Step 36:  

With the oil Brush set at 100 Make a White Spot like this: See My Example:


Step 37:  

Now Change the Color to Yellow / the Brush Size to 75 / Lower the Head Loading to 10/ Click once inside the White like this: See my Example:


Step 38:  

Convert to a Raster Layer

Step 39:  

 Give it a Gaussian blur of 5

Step 40:  

Add some Clouds over the Top of the Sun like this: See Example:


Step 41:  

Once your happy with your painting: Save it as a PSP file and then Save it as a JPEG: Here's why you do it both ways.. There may come a time when you want to look back at this painting or any other you do to see how you came up with a special color of effect: By saving it as a PSP file your able to go through it layer by layer: Also if you ever start on another painting and decide you want to use something from this painting on another one.. You have all the layers to do it with.

Step 42:  

Duplicate the Painting and then close the Original:

Step 43:  

Merge Flatten and Create a Beautiful Frame for your Painting: I have Included a Mask of the Frame Accent I used on my frame.. I also included my Frame I created for anyone that would like to use it..


1)   Finish Creating your Painting with a Frame around it

2)   Send in a Copy of 1 of your flowers and the Boulder

Send in your lesson like so: Artsy Bee Lesson 2 (Your Name/YahooID) for credit.

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Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons