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You are the Artist and creator of this creation. I'm going to show you how I came up with mine.. You need to come up with your own.

Open new Image 500 x 500

Flood fill with white

With your Oil Brush and Auto Clean off start Painting in the colors you want in your sky like this:

With your Smudge Tool Smudge in your Sky the way you want it. Like this:

When you get to this point. Step back and look at it. See what you can see in your painting. Try to picture the mountains and all you want in it. Try to see them before you paint them.You May even need to step away and come back to it to see the mountains.

Now with your Knife lets start to cut in our Mountains where you picture them in your painting. Like this:

Now lets start to bring more shape and color into our Painting.

We are going to bring in some snow with our knife still like this:

If you notice I've not cleaned my knife at all. I just keep adding more color with the color already on the knife.

We will blend and smooth these colors out later.

I wanted to add more color before smoothing So here's what I have now.

Now I want to smooth this out some and see where I need to add more.

This is what I have so far:

As you can see I had to add more color to add depth to my mountains. So I took my spray Paint to splash some white on the lower part of my mountains and then smudged it in to give the lines you see going down the mountains.

Now I want to work with the top of the mountains. I need to give them a snow topped look. And let them work into the clouds.

I wanted to add a haze to the back of my mountains so I took and painted a strip along the top of the mountains like this:

Then I added a Gaussian blur of 10 to this and put it behind my mountains to get this:

Do you see how that changed the look. Gave it a distant look and helped the mountains fade into the sky.

Now I want to finish up my sky so I'm working on the Sun. I've taken and added a White at the top where I want the sun to be peaking through along with some yellow glow from the sun. So we now have this:

After adding the sun I wanted more clouds in my sky so I then added more layers with clouds.

Now I'm ready to work on my bottom half of my painting.

I want water along with a rock coming up out of the water, so I'm going to paint in my flowing water like this:

Now that I have my colors in place I'm going to use my Smudge to shape it the way I want it. Like this:

As you can see I want some waves in this so I've added more lines to work my waves with.

Now that I have my mountains and water I want to add some life to this painting. So I am going to add a Tree I have in my paint Brushes. Along with some Eagles I have in my birds. So I now have this:

I like what I see. So now I need to add my Siggy and a frame.So that we now have this:


Turn in your finished tag for credit.

Remember your the Artist each one will be different Because we are different. We all paint with feelings and express your feelings through your art. Let this be a healing time or a time of joy, peace and comfort. Bring us into your world.

Happy Creating!

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