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Good luck and have fun!

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

This is going to take you some time to finish so please don't expect to finish it in one class session. You may have to finish this project on your own.

Save often. This will take a lot of steps and layers so your going to want to save / save/ save.

Open New Image 500 x 500 Transparent background

We are going to open a new Pallet called the Mixer.

Right click in your work area and go to Palettes/ Mixer

Your going to have this open to you:

Now lets move this pallet into our Left hand side along with the layer pallet and materials pallet.

Click on the Top Bar with your left mouse button and hold it while you drag your mixer pallet over to the left side and then release it. You will have this:

Now lets talk a little about the Mixer.

We are looking at the work space here:

This is the Tube of paint.

You can change the color of this tube by using your materials pallet. We will go over this later

Now your looking at the Mixer Knife:

The Knife here is used to mix the paint to get a mixed combination of colors.

Now your looking at the color dropper:

And next to it the size of color you would like to pick up. This works the same as your dropper you have been using with your Materials pallet. It's going to pick colors up off your mixer.

This is your New Image Icon:

When you want to clean your pallet and start fresh this is what your going to click.

It will ask if you want to save what you have already. You can save it like this:

Enter your name of the save:

Now if you click on your Mixer Menu you can find your pallet. You can name it after a tag or creation your working on in order to locate it easy if your not finished with a project but need to close for the day. Or you may be on a different part of a project and have ran out of room on your Mixer and so you may save this one to come back to later and create a new one for this section of your project.

Here's how you will find it. Click on your Mixer Menu and go to load page. You will get another window with a list of your mixers on it. Like this:

Now you can make your selection and it will reload your mixer pallet.

Now that you have meet the Mixer and gotten to know a little about it lets use it to paint with. Creating your own colors can be a lot of fun.

Now lets get started.

We have our Open new Image 500 x 500 transparent background.

Lets get our Oil Brush and start painting a beautiful Background like this:

These are the colors I used in my Mixer to create my background colors.( Your going to pick your colors for your Paint Tube using your Foreground, each time you change the foreground color your tube color changes. ) . Now I want to pick a patch from this to use.. So I'm going to set my size and pick a patch to match my brush size.. ( remember you can use the knife to mix the colors.) I didn't use the knife here myself.

As you can see in the Size window my brush size is set at 50 so that's the patch I'm going to liftoff here into the foreground window using the Dropper. Like this:

This is the section I picked and this is what my foreground window looks like:

Now I'm going to paint in my Background like this:

As you can see it paints on the mixed colors that are applied to the brush. If you want it to keep leaving the mixed colors like this. Put your brush on auto clean so that it doesn't continue to mix the color into a solid color.

You will find your Auto Clean in your Option Bar here:

Now lets smooth this painting out some:

I use my Smudge to smooth out my colors like this:

This is the misted tube I've picked to work with today. You can pick your own tubes. This is your creation I'm just walking you through some steps to create a painting with.

Now I have to blend this tube in with my background so they work together and look like a painting. So I need to bring some of this water and tube out into my painting. Lets work with the water first:

This is my mixer now and the colors I pulled out of the water .Now I'm going to pick a section of this to start painting in my water.

Now I'm going to paint in my water using the say direction flow as the water in the misted tube working under the tube itself.

Now I'm going to work up the edge of my river so I'm going to switch to my paint brush and use a Tip Called the Sponge. So I can get this:

As you can see I worked behind the tube in the back to create more tree's and give it a back and then brought it around to the water line to start working in the river bank. Now I'm going to work on that river bank more using different brushes.

With my oil and paint brush tips I have created the front of the painting.

Now I'm ready to add a bit more to my Sky to help it blend. So now this is what I've got:

This painting is nearly finished. It just needs some life added along with a frame.

Here's the Life:

I would like you to take special notice of how the life is sized. The farther away it is the smaller it has to become. The close it is the larger it becomes. You have to pay close attention to sizing when placing your tubes.

Now here's the Finished Painting:


1. Turn in your finished tag for credit. As you can see it all blends and you can't see where tubes start and my painting ends.

Work with your Mixer and your Smudge tools. Pay close attention to where your layers are. You want to work with your Misted tube between your painting layers.

Good luck and have fun.

I can't wait to see your finished work.

Hugs and Love,

Queen Krissy

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