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How many times have you seen something that has taken your breath away with it's beauty and you have wanted to recreate that beauty in your PSP but have resorted to grabbing your Camera and snapping a shot or two off. Then you get the Graphic back and think: What to do with this? You can place it in an Album to show off now and then... You can put it into a frame and hang it on your wall.. Or you can put it into PSP and use it in a creation.

Lets use it in a creation!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Open your Graphic in your PSP

Step 2: Duplicate your Graphic **Hold your Shift key while you press your D Key on your Keyboard**

Step 3: Close out the Orginal Graphic : Here's the Graphic I have picked to work with today.

Step 4:Promote this background to a layer


5: Activate your Free Hand Tool

Step 6: Change your Settings on your Free Hand Tool

See Example for settings:

Step 7: Draw around the area you would like to keep to work with:

See Example :

Step 8: Go to Selections/ invert

Step 9: Go to Selections / Modify / Expand :

See Example for settings:

Step 10: Now hit your Delete Key on your keyboard:

See Example for what you should have now:

Special note: As you can see.. We have a lot of shadow that we need to remove. We will be removing this in the next couple of steps:

Step 11: Selections/ Select None

Step 12: With your Free hand tool Set at this:

See Example:

Step 13: Draw around the Area you want to keep like this:

See Example:

Step 14: Selections / Invert :

See Example:

Step 15: Now Hit your Delete key on your keyboard:

Step 16: Selection/ Select None:

See Example of what you should have:

Step 17: This is now a misted Tube: So add a new layer and put your water mark on this tube.

Step 18: Duplicate your Tube

Step 19: Save the original one as a PSP file

Special note:

You are now able to share this tube as one of your very own Tubes: So keep it in a folder or your own misted Tubes:

Step 20: Close out the Original Tube: We are going to work with the Duplicated one now:

Now lets create something with our new Misted Tube:

Step 1: Open a new Image 500 x 500

Step 2: If you don't already have your Mixer Pallet open:
Please Open it now:

See Example


Special Note:

If your Palette opens up like this:

See Example:

As a separate window.. I would like you to take and Drag it to your right Materials Bar :

See Example:

You need to keep as much Of your work space clear
As you can so you have plenty of room to work and you don't get confused....

Step 3: Activate your Oil Brush

Step 4: Mix the Colors in your Mixer that you would like to use for a background color:

Special Note:

We have a Mixer Lesson under Weekend Classes: If your not familiar with your Mixer you may refer back to this lesson:

Those that are in class
may Raise their hand and ask me Questions at this time.. We will go over the mixer if your not familiar with it:

Step 5: Once you have your colors Lets start to paint in your sky like this:

See Example:

Step 6: you can now work with your Smear or Smudge.. When working with Smear you don't have to convert this layer to a Raster.. you can continue working Wet with Wet. This tool does not move your colors if you need to move them like the Smudge Tool will do .. It will smooth over your Painting: Let me show you the difference:

See Example:

This was the Smear Tool: Notice how the colors are still in the same place they were placed when painted on: You just have a Dry Brush effect with this tool.

Example 2:

In this example you see how I was able to move my colors around and give it a much smoother look.. The tool you use is your choice. It depends on what kind of look your going for.

Step 7 : Your going to continue painting in your Background until you get something like this:

See Example:

Step 8: Copy and Past your Misted Tube into your Creation as a new layer like this:

See Example:

Step 9: After putting in your Tube continue to paint around it to bring the Tube back to life:

Use your Brushes and Paints to create your master Piece. If you get lost you can always ask your Teacher or refer back to some of the other painting lesson's.

Get Creative!

Here's my Finished Painting:


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I Hope that you have enjoyed this lesson. I will be looking forward to some creative tags to come through!

I will be making my Requests! Hugs and Love,

Queen Krissy

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