Oil Painting

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    tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

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    Good luck and have fun!

    Special note:

    This lesson is written for those with a good understanding and knowledge of PSP. I will be telling you how I get the effects and the tools I used But I don't give you an exact graphic to duplicate. You should know how to locate these tools and how they work through earlier lessons. If your finding your having a hard time with this lesson please go back and revisit some of the earlier lesson's or contact an instructor for some assistance.

    You Will need the Sponge Brush for this Lesson. You may download it here and install in with your Brushes:

    Click here for Sponge Brush

    Good Luck! Most important

    I have had some Students ask me how to do waves and how to paint an ocean. So here's your Lesson you have asked for.

    Please keep in mind that everyone's painting will be different.
    So please don't judge yourself from others..
    This is not a paint by number project.

    Be Kind To Yourselves!!!!!!

  1. Open a new image 500x500 pixels, raster background, transparent.

  2. For this part you will need to refer back to the Mixer Lesson:
    Mix your sky colors in your Mixer Pallet

  3. With your Oil Brush Paint in your Sky: Make sure you clean your Brush often to get a good mixed color:

    See Example:

  4. Once you have your basic Sky colors in you wish to use..
    Convert to a Raster layer:

  5. With your Smudge Tool smudge your sky until you have what your are looking for like this:

    See Example:

    Please keep in mind this is the basic. It will change as you go:

  6. Add new raster Layer

  7. With your Paint Brush (Sponge) Place your clouds where you would like them to be in your sky like this:

    See Example:

  8. Now Lets soften them up some and give them a fluffy look. We are going to add a Gaussian Blur:
    See Example:

  9. If you don't Feel you have enough Fluffy clouds, you can add more: See Example:

  10. Now for mine I wanted to add a Big Sun coming up.
    I painted in the colors of the Sun like this:

    See Example:

  11. After getting in my colors: I used my Smudge tool to shape it up and smudge it in like I wanted:

    See Example:

  12. Here is where your going to add more colors if you need them: As you can see, I add more clouds and more color to the bottom of my Sun to smooth them into each other. This is why it's so important to work on layers!

  13. On a new layer Lets start working on our Ocean Colors

    See Example:

    As you can see on my Mixer I have My Sky : The Sun : And then the Ocean:

  14. Now when working with the Ocean colors try to think where you want your waves to be and work in a rolling motion: Curves and Swells: rather then just across. like this:

    See Example:

  15. Now with your Smudge Tool. Smooth your Ocean waves into place. Be careful not to smudge to fast and work in small area's like you did with your sky.

    See example:

  16. Now that I have my Waves in place and my Water As I want it. Lets start to add some Splashing with the Sponge. Like this:

    See Example:

    You can see that I lowered my Opacity and my hardness.. I wanted it to look more like splashes of water then a glob.

  17. Now I'm going to add my Tube I wanted to put into this Painting:

    See Example:

  18. I need to make her look like she's part of the painting I am going to smudge some of her into the painting: Then I am going to add some splashing around her like this:

    See Example:

  19. After making her part of the painting. I still felt I needed more life in my painting. So I added some birds behind my Mermaid:

    See Example:

    Please Note: How Small the birds are! This is to trick the eye to think that they are flying a distance away from the Mermaid.

  20. Now It's time to add a frame. I'm going to give you my Frame I created:


  21. Image/ Add border / 2 dark color

  22. Image/ Add border/ 4 Light color

  23. Click inside with magic wand:

  24. Effects/ Inner Bevel/

    See Example for Settings:

  25. Image/ Add border/ 2 dark color

  26. Image / Add Border / 15 White:

  27. Click inside your white with Magic Wand:

  28. With your Oil Brush Use Colors From your Mixer and paint around your Frame with the colors to match it up:

  29. Now add some Clouds and Wave Splashes:

    See Example:

  30. Now we need to add a little Blur to this:

    See Example:

  31. Next Effects/ Texture Effects/ Weave with these settings:

    See Example:

  32. Go to Selections/ invert

  33. Effects/ 3d Effects/ Drop shadow :

    see Example:

  34. Now we are going to add a Drop shadow again but Change the Settings

    See Example:

  35. Image/ Add Border / 2 Dark color

  36. Image / Add Border / 4 Light color

  37. Click inside this border with Magic Wand and Add same Inner Bevel as above:

  38. Image/ Add Border / 2 Dark Color

  39. Image/ Add Border / 50 White

  40. Click inside White Border with magic wand

  41. We are going to go to Patterns and find Current Pattern with these settings:

    See Example:

  42. Flood fill your White border with this Pattern:

  43. Add a Gaussian Blur of 24 Like this:

    See Example:

  44. Go to Effects/ Plugins/ Xenofex/ Baked Earth With these Settings:

    See Example:

  45. Now go back to Effects/ Xenofex/ Rounded Rectangle:

    See Example for settings:

  46. Selections/ Invert/

  47. Effects/ 3D Effects/ Drop Shadow :

    See Example for Settings:

  48. Now we are going to do this again.

    See Example for Settings:

    Take special note in the Color change: This is to help bring out the colors in the painting:

  49. Image/ Add Border 2 / Dark color

  50. Image / Add Border 4 light color/ Add same Inner Bevel as above

  51. Image / Add Border 2 / Dark Color
  52. Image/ Add Border 50 White

  53. Click inside with Magic Wand

  54. Paint inside this White Border as you did in the first one above:

  55. Your going to add the same Weave Effects and shadow:

  56. You will now Add an Inner Bevel :

    See Example:

  57. Now your ready to decorate and add your Signature to your painting:

    I hope you have enjoyed this Lesson..I'm looking forward to seeing your results.

    Please keep in mind this is your painting Not mine.. It is going to look different from mine and will be original!


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