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Brush Class

All but the Angel was Created with Brushes.

How to install and use Brushes
Part A

You have been collecting your brushes and placing them in a folder called Brushes. Please do not place your brushes in your PSP. We will be directing your PSP to locate all your brushes for you.

Please make sure that you have all your Brushes unzipped and placed in your folder called Brushes

Like this.

Inside my folder You see all my brushes.

Part B

Now lets get them into your PSP.

1) Open your PSP

2) Go to File/ Preferences/ File Locations

3) You're going to:

A) find brushes in the file type list on the left.

B) click on add on the upper Right side

And locate your Brush folder. And then click Ok

C) Check all boxes for

D) Click ok.

Now when you open your brushes you should see a bunch of brushes that you can use.

You have some that need to be imported: So lets go through these steps as well.

A) Go to File/ Import/ Import Custom Brush

B) You're going to open the file you have all your brushes in

C) Hold down your shift key click on the first one and the last one holding down your shift key.

D) Now click on Add all. Those that are already there will tell you it's there. And those that aren't there will be placed there.

E) Click ok

Now you should have all your Brushes!

Part C

Lets talk a little About these brushes.

There's a difference in your Brushes. Some are made to be more like a Stamp. You just lick it once and it's there with the colors you have picked for it. Others you are able to move around and make your own design with. We are going to work with both kinds of those Brushes in this project along with some of the effects that you have been taught in other lesson's.

Please open a new Image 500 by 500 so we can play a little with our Brushes.

1) Flood fill it with Black so you can really see your brush strokes. (you're not going to see this black in the end)

2) Now Add a new Raster Layer

3) Click on your Default Brush This is a round brush. (You can play with the others later after class.) This is a round brush that can be used in different ways. Lets look at it for a few min's.

Here is your Tool Option bar.

By changing these settings a bit you can use this tool for filling in holes. Patching up spots or even painting your own creations.

Lets start out by creating a awesome background using this tool.

4) Take your brush and play with it. Change sizes and colors and check it out.

Like I did with this.

I used different sizes and densities to get these shades and patterns for my background.

After coming up with my colors and pattern's I wanted. I then used Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur 40

To get this:

The paints work different then the chalks do because once you get your layer colored in. You can't put color over color. You have to add a new layer in order to add More color.

5) Add a new Raster Layer

6) Now lets get the Wavy Brush. And we are going to put some clouds in on our painting.

Like this:

7) Now lets Smudge them a little and give them smoothness with our smudge tool

So you have something like this:

I had my smudge tool set at:

Size 50
Hardness 50
Step 10
Density 100
Thickness 50
Rotation 0
Opacity 75
Sample merged not checked

8) Lets take and add our tube to this and see how it's looking.

What do you think. Not too bad so far huh. But we still need to play some more so lets keep going.

9) Add a new Raster Layer

10) Get your Star Brush out. I set my size for 30. And will change it down to a smaller size for some. Just click it once in places you want to see stars. Like this.

Now for those of you in animation. You may want to later Animate those Stars.

Wow. These Brushes are fun aren't they!

Lets keep going. Shall we?!

11) I've added a small drop shadow to my Angel here. With these settings

Vertical and Horizontal 0
Opacity 60
Blur 5.00
Color Black

This helps her stand out a little since her colors mix in with the background.

12) Merge visible

13) With your selection tool Block off the Center of your Creation like this.

We are going to create a frame from part of our painting.

14) Go to Selections and click on Invert So now you have this.

You have two rows of marching Ants.

15) Add new Raster Layer

16) flood fill with Gold / or a color of your choice.

17) Go to Selections/ Modify/ Contract / number of pixels 4/ hit ok

This is what your going to see. The marching Ants have moved in.

18) Go to Edit / Clear

Now you have this

19) Now lets add a new Brush to this Frame./Add a new Raster / Get the Rounded Flower Brush.

We are going to put this in all 4 corners like this.

You can add some inner bevel if you want. I added some to mine.
You may not want too. This Is your creation.

If you would like to add Inner Bevel:

A) Click on your Merged background

B) Go to Effects/ Ed Effects/ Inner Bevel


Bevel 1
Width 1
Smoothness 10
Depth 5
Ambience 0
Shininess 80
Angel 315
Intensity 25
Elevation 40
Color white

C) Hit Ok

20) Go to Selections and Select None.

21) Add a Drop Shadow to your Frame Corners.

You will need to click in your layer pallet and get your corners active before applying these settings.

Vertical 0
Horizontal 0
Opacity 60
Blur 0
Color Black
Hit Ok

22) Add a new Raster Layer.

23) I wanted to add a Text Brush to mine so I've added this one.

This is the Brush I picked to put on my project. Now until you get to know your brushes.
I have opened a new Canvas, flood filled it in black and then added a new raster layer so that I could try out different brushes until I found one I liked.

24) After you have added your Text Brush you can add your name.

25) Merge your project

26) Resize it

27) Save it as a JPEG.


Send finished art work into the group for credit.

Remember! I brought you into my happy world. Now it's time for you to bring me into your's.

This was just a basic on brushes there are many more things that you can do with them.
Play around with them and see what more you can do with your brushes.

Hugs and Love,
Queen Krissy

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