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Working with Nodes to Create An Apple

Lets get started!

Open a new image 500 X 500 with transparent background.

Turn foreground off and background color to black like this:

Make sure that under the "Textures" you have "No Texture" or "Null" and the "Lock" option should be checked.

Click on the Preset Shapes tool with the settings:

Shape type: Ellipse
Retain Style: Unchecked
Anti alias: Checked
Create as vector: Checked
Line Style: Solid
Line Width: 1.00

Holding the left mouse button down draw a circle based on the size you want your apple to be.

You should have this now:

Your circle doesn't have to be perfect, because we are going to change the shape, your going to want to leave enough room at the top of the circle to add a leaf and stem.

Go to Objects / Align / Horz. Center in Canvas

This only works for vector objects.

Click on your Pen Tool.

We need to change the Shape of our Circle now to look like an Apple so we are going to need to work with Nodes:

Once you have the pen you will see the Circle as a Series of Nodes and Curved lines.

We need to add two new nodes to the shape, one on each side of the bottom node. To add the nodes, hold down the "Ctrl" key and hold your mouse over the outline until you see the word "Add" then click.

Right-click on the image and choose Node Type/ Asymmetric from the context menu.

Now Click on a blank area on the canvas to deselect all nodes and click on a individual node to modify the shape by dragging the node itself or by pulling on the handles on either side of the control arm (arrow) that appears when a node is selected.

Repeat this process with each node until you have a shape similar to :

Special Note:

Asymmetric Node: When editing an asymmetric node, the handles on either side of an node remain aligned with one another, but the distance between the node and each control arm handle can vary.

Merge all (flatten).

You have just created your template for your Apple. Save this so you can use it over and over.

We are going to use this as a mask for this lesson:

Open a new image 500 x 500

Flood fill with : #894d4d ( this will be your base color for your apple )

Right click on layer pallet and go to:

Add new mask Layer/ From Image

Locate your new Mask and click OK

You should have this:

Merge Group

Lets Paint the Apple Now!

Click on the Paintbrush tool with these settings:

Shape: Round
Size: 10
Hardness: 50
Opacity: 100
Step: 25
Density: 100
Build up: unchecked

Remember your the creator so these are just suggested settings: You can set your own if your wanting a different look!

Remember to use different layers as your painting your Apple. This way you are able to move layers or change colors.

Now that you have your base color in lets start to add some shadows and high lights like this:

Paint in curved lines to give the apple shape then smudge

As you can see I've smudged in the colors already.

Now lets add some shadow Like this:

Speckling Layer: Click on the Airbrush tool with these settings:

Shape: Round
Size: 270
Hardness: 100
Opacity: 100
Step: 25
Density: 1

Effects / Blur / Gaussian Blur with a radius of 1.

Once you have the apple panted the way you want merge visible.

Click on the lighten tool

and add some light spots like this:

Now your ready to paint in a stem and leaf. like this:

Be creative in your work. Always make it your own.

Working with Nodes can be difficult until you get the idea but keep working with it. You will get it. You can use these same steps to create many different things so play a little and see what you can come up with.

Here's another thing I created using my Nodes:


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