Lesson 9

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1. Open a new image 500 X 500, transparent.

2. Flood it white. Rename it

3. Click on your chalk tool and start the upper half of your canvas with different shades of blues and greys. Use greens for the lower half. Note: Anytime you use a media art tool it will go above whatever you have activated, after you use the tool, convert to a layer and rename it.

See example and color swatches that I used.

4. Convert to a raster and rename it chalk background.

5. Go to adjust, blur and click on Gaussian blur. Radius 50.00 Click Okay.

6. Open up the misted tube that from "My Misted World". Right click and copy, go to your chalked background, right click and paste as a new layer. Note: Notice on the misted tube when you pull it up in PSP that it has 2 layers to it, close off the layer with the words on it so when you copy it, you will only get the part that you need.

WOW it looks pretty all ready. But you're not done yet.

7. Let's extend our path. Make sure you are on your tube layer. The first thing I did was take a color from the tubes path used my chalk again and from just a little beyond the gate I started working the path towards the end of my canvas. When I was happy with how it looked I converted the art media to a raster and renamed it path 1. I then smudged the path until I was happy with the effect.

8. I then took a lighter color from the path and once again used my chalk tool and placed in streaks of chalk to give it the appearance of the tube's original path. Once happy with that I converted it to a raster and renamed it Path2. I smudged in the streaks so it looked more like the original path.

Let's start adding some flowers to our painting.

1. Right above the path2 layer add a new raster layer, rename it and call it flower1.

2. Now taking the brushes that you made let's start adding some flowers to our creation. I used colors from the original tube for my paint and choose brushes that I have made.

3. But now I would really like to add some color to the back of it as well so it appears the same flowers are growing behind the fence. This is how I achieved that look. I added a new raster and named it flower2 and drug it down underneath the lighthouse layer (or the tube). Make sure the flower2 layer is active and then start adding flowers. Play with this for a minute as long as the flower2 layer is active (blue) you can place the flowers over top of the lighthouse behind the fence and they will go behind that tube. Like so: Note you can hit your back key and delete what you don't like.

Hopefully I think by now you see why layers are important and naming them helps you find what your working on, that way if you don't like something you have done you just delete that layer and add a new one to start over. It beats starting the entire project over.

Okay my flowers look great what else do I want to add. Well this is where you get to have some fun. You can drop a shadow if you want to your flowers. I don't like it so I didn't it makes the picture to dark for me. When you're all finished playing with it remember to merge it all visible and export it as a jpeg.


Finish your project and place a nice frame around it and send it to the group so we can all admire it. Don't forget to add your watermark or your name. I finished mine all up I hope you like it.

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