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For this tutorial you will need My zipped file of the ship and wave HERE

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

1.  New Image 500 x 500, flood fill it with a medium gray. 

2.  Open up the two tubes and paste them as a new layer.

3.  Rename your layers as Ship, Waves and bk (background)

Working with the mixer Pallet

1.  On a blank part of your canvas right click and click on mixer pallet. Don't pay attention to my left click on the screen shot.  Oops.  hahahaha

2. Click on your eye dropper and choose colors from your ship tube and your water tube.

3.  As you choose your colors from your tube you will notice that the color in the Materials pallet will change.  On your mixer pallet is a paint can to paint the colors on your mixer use the paint can and paint a single line on the blank mixer canvas. Continue to do that until you have all the colors that you want to use for your water.

4.  Now click on your oil brush and on your Mixer pallet click on the eye drop.  Remember just like the eye drop that is on the selection side it adds you in selection the colors you want to use.  The eye dropper on the mixer pallet does the same thing.  If the size is not big enough to get all the colors then while your oil brush is selected go to the size of it and resize it, you will notice that the size on the eyedropper that is with the mixer pallet will also change.  When you have all the colors just click on it and they will show up in the materials pallet ready for you to use.

5. As you can notice I continued adding colors from my tube into the mixer when I was finished I moved the water Tube directly behind and underneath the ship.  See the layers and notice the placement of them.

Painting your Water and Sky

I do things a little different, on most projects I don't add my tubes when I'm about done with the project I add them right in the beginning so I have the flow of the colors from the tube.  So with that said click on your bk layer so its activated.  You should have your oil brush activated and the colors from your mixer pallet chosen.  So lets get started.

1.  With your bk activated start brushing in colors for the water like so:

2.  You will notice that the art Media 1 comes up above bk, once your done painting just your water right click on the Art Media and convert it to a raster, right click on it again and rename it water.

3.  Now click on your push tool and start pushing the paint around just within the were your water will be.  Your settings on the push tool are what you choose them to be, I used a large size because I wanted to push it all as one and keep the colors the same instead of allowing them to mix more.

I reduced the size of my push for smaller areas like so:

4.  The biggest mistake I find that people make is that when they are working with any of the art media tools they pay attention to more of the tube that they are working with instead of just focusing on the colors.  So watch the colors and when your happy with them click on your smudge tool and we will make the tube work with the colors of your water.  Click on the ship layer and make sure its activated.  Taking your smudge tool start moving the colors from the ships water and blend it with the water you just made like so:

Note:  I see my own errors when I write these tuts s don't pay attention to two waves layers, one is suppose to be water.  Don't make my mistake.  hahaha  Okay also note that this particular ship tube as its own shadows around its water.  I used that to my advantage and pushed the dark along with the white colors down into the oil based water that I had made.

5.  When you're finished with that activate you wave tube and do the same process, smudge it into your work.  You will notice that it will start smudging into the ship tube as well.  That's okay, your suppose to do that.

The Sky is the Limit

1.  Just like above go in and start grabbing up your colors

2.  Choose some colors that are visible with in the tube you're using.  I also added a small line of pink to my sky pallet, but that is just a matter of choice.

3. Clicking on your bk layer and with your oil brush start paining in your sky.  (Follow above to get your materials layer to show your sky colors).

4.  Now paint in your sky all the way until you reach the water line.  Eck looks terrible but don't worry your going to make it look better.

5.  When your done painting your sky right click on the art Media and convert is to a raster, then right click it and rename it sky.  Use your push tool again and push the paint around.  Don't forget your smudge tool as well that helps with the blending.

Finishing Touches

1.  When your all done and happy with the results, Flood fill your bk white.

2.  Merge it all visible.

3.  Lets add some light.  Go to Effect/Illumination Effects/Sunburst.

4.  Using the settings below or choose your own settings add a dash of light to your master piece.  Also note on the screen shot a little short cut that I use.

Okay you're done.  Put your water mark on it, give it a frame.  Its your creation so be creative and remember things don't have to be rushed, take your time, walk away if it doesn't look the way YOU want it.  Get Creative animate it if you want.



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