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We are going to learn how to turn a tube into a creation using chalk, Paint Brushes and your creative side. We are going to start out using this Tube.

For this lesson ... After you learn how these effects are made then you can pick your own tube to use for the creation you would like to send in. But first, please use the tube in the download so you can learn these tools.

1) open a new image 500 by 500

2) flood fill background white

3) copy and past the tube to the center of your project

4) click on your chalk tool

Using these settings

5) click on your white background layer to activate it like this

6) Pick a light blue to start out for your sky and start to chalk in your sky like this

It's going to go behind your tube and your layer pallet will look like this

7) Now that you have the Sky started lets add more color to our sky like this

I like a happy sky so I like to add some pinks and purples into my sky along with some fluffy white clouds

Here's my white for my clouds

These's my dark blue for contrast

8) After you get your sky colors in place your going to right click on your chalk layer and make convert it to a layer.

Like this:

Since I'm going to be working a lot with layers here I like to rename my layers so I know what Layers I have.

Like this:

9) Now that I have my layers all named I'm going to add a Gaussian Blue

My Blur's set at 50.00

So I get this result:

10) Now we need to put in our green grass and I see a little pond in there

Like this:

So my layer pallet looks like this now

Now that we have an idea of where everything should be lets go in and work on it a little more.

11) Lets work on our path first. Grab your chalk tool again activate your pond layer right bellow your tube layer and lets start chalking in our path

Like this:

12) Right click on your chalked layer and change it to a raster layer, then rename to path like this:

You notice that my tube layer is still on the top. So far everything we have done to our creation has been for background only.

13) Now get your Magic Wand out and click outside your path and invert it (To invert: go to selections/invert)

like this:

14) Now we will need our smudge tool with these settings:

I have my size up and my density down some.

Size 100
Hardness 50
Step 5
Density 50
Thickness 100
Rotation 0
Opacity 50

15) Now start working your path to make it look as much like the path in the tube as you can like this:

16) Now you can go to selections and select none

17) Click on your tube layer

18) Click on your smudge tool again and lower your density and size both down to 30. Blend the path from the tube in with your path

like this:

19) Lets start working on our Pond now. Click on your Paint Brush tool

This is the paint brush I started out with to build my edges of my pond with . I have the size set at 30 and color dark green to start out with.

20) Start out by building your edge to your pond and then building it up a little changing the colors so that you have a little depth in your end results

like this:

21) After you have your pond in place start working around your tube building it up and working it in picking different paint brushes and colors. For my tree and bushes I used this one I just changed the color's for the colored bushes and arch.

like this

22) Keep working in your picture until you get it all worked in

like this:

23) Now you can work on the details of your project like the grass and flowers you want in your picture

like this:

24) Now I felt my picture needed a sun with some more happy little clouds so I went back in with my chalk and created some making sure to add the reflection to my pond

like this:

After putting in my clouds on a different layer I added a little bit of blur to them. You will have to work with this so you can get the right amount of blur you like.

25) Now for the finishing touches I added a few small tubes and brushes to my creation to give it life.

Don't forget to add some shadow's to your painting. I added some shadows in my painting process and into the tubes I added.

like this:

26) Every beautiful painting needs a beautiful frame so I created my frame
by merging flat and adding boarder.


1) Image/ add boarder 2 color: solid color not in your picture

2) Use magic wand and click inside to get double marching ants.

3) Flood fill with gold

4) Image/ add boarder 4 color: I picked the pink that's in the little girls ribbon in her dress.

5) Image/ add boarder 2 solid color

6) Magic wand and flood fill with gold

7) Image/add boarder 25 white

8) Magic wand it

9) Chalk in the colors you have in your painting

10) Add a blur

11) Add blind effect

12) Merge

13) Add inner bevel

14) Find a paint brush you would like to use and make sure your foreground color is gold pattern

15) Add new raster layer

16) You should still have your marching ants before you add your paint brush to keep it inside your frame. Also make sure you change the size of your brush to fit your frame. Now start placing your paint brush where you would like it.

17) Merge all/flatten

18) Selections / none

19) Image/ add border 2

20) Magic wand it and flood fill with gold

21) Add a bevel to this one

Hugs and Love,
Queen Krissy


Now you can look over your end results and make sure you have included your water mark and send it into the group for us all to see.

Good luck my Bee's and have fun with this.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

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