Lets Paint a Water Fall!

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Lesson Supplies Available Here

Brush Supplies Available Here

Unzip the Supplies into your Class folder.

You will unzip the brushes into your brush folder and follow your install directions found in lesson 3 of baby bees.

Step 1:
Open a New Image 500 x 500 White background

Step 2:
Copy and past your Water Fall tub as a new layer

Step 3:
With your Moving tool Move it to the Center of your Project

See Example:

Step 4:
In your layer Pallet Click on your Background layer to activate it.

See Example:

Step 5:
Now Click on your Oil Brush Tool from your Tool Bar

See Example:

Step 6:
Go to your foreground and pick a color from your tube to work with first.. We are going to work with the Log first.. So pick a light color from the log..

See Example:

Brush Settings:

Step 7:
Now that you have picked a Color to work with.. Lets start to apply paint..

See Example:

Step 8:
After getting your base colors on we are going to work it..

Right click your Art Media layer :

See Example:

Step 9:
Convert to Raster Layer:

See Example:

Step 10:
From your Tool Bar click on your Smudge Tool

With your Settings at:

See Example:

Your going to Work your paint now.. Make your Strokes small and slow so you don't get Marks in your paint..

See Example:

Step 11:
I have Zoomed into my Picture so I can work close and get some detail into my painting. See those bump marks in the painting .. That's from moving the Smudge tool to fast and to hard.. If you start to get those.. Move slower..

You can always add more color if you need it: This will be on a separate layer so you will need to convert it to a layer after you have added the color..

See Example:

Now you can see the painting coming together..

Step 12:
The next thing I want to work with is the Foliage around the Water Fall..

I'm going to use my Brushes for this part..

If you haven't gotten to this part yet in your Studies.. You may need help installing your Brushes.. This lesson is part of Baby Bee Lesson 3..

You have found some Brushes in the Supplies for this lesson.

We are going to start out with:

See Example:

Foreground color:

Step 13:
I took the color from the Foliage around the Water Fall..

Step 14:
Start making your Weeds around the Water Fall like this:

See Example:

Step 15:
Once you have your start .. Change colors and add more like this:

See Example:

Step 16:
Now I would like to add a Tree to my Painting.. So we are going to change our Brush to this:

See Example:

Step 17:
Before we place the Tree.. Lets Look at our Layer Pallet: I want my Tree behind my Water Fall:

See Example:

Take notice that I have Named my layers.. This is very important.. You're going to have a lot of layers for this painting.

Step 18:
Do you see Where I have my Tree Layer: It's under my Water Fall Layer: This will put the Tree behind the Water Fall:

See Example:

Step 19:
Now that you have the Tree trunk in .. Lets Use a Different brush to create the Tree: Change colors as your create your tree:

See Example for brush settings:

Step 20:
Now work with your lighters colors first and work to the Darker colors..

See Example:

Step 21:
Now I'm going to add more color:

See Example:

Isn't it coming along now..

using the Tree Trunk Brush but taking my size down to 200 I created my bush next to the water fall:

See Example:

Step 22:
Using the Brush you used for your Tree.. Start to fill in your bush:

See Example:

Step 23:
I've added some flowers around my Bush with the Brushes:

See Example:

Step 24:
If you will notice I took my Smudge tool and Smudged the Bottom of the Flowers into the Water to give it a Reflection look:

Step 25:
Now lets get our sky in here.

Step 26:
We are going to work with our Paint again: we don't need to create a layer since Art Media makes a layer of it's own.. Your going to put your Sky in Behind your Tree like this:

See Example:

Step 27:
Work the sky just like you did the Water Fall..

Some maybe asking: Why are we just now doing our Sky? Well the Answer to this is.. We wanted to be able to see where we wanted our Clouds and sun peaking through the Trees:

Now I've added Two Tubes of life to my Painting:

See Example:

Lets Frame it:

Step 28:
If you like what you see now.. Lets right click any layer on your layer pallet and Merge/ Merge Flatten

Step 29:
Go to Image/ Add Border/ 2 / Black

Step 30:
Go to Image/ Add Border/ 2 / White

Step 31:
With your magic Wand

click inside your White border:

See Example:

Step 32:
Flood fill with Gold Pattern:

See Example:

Step 33:
How to get to your Gold Pattern:

Open the Gold that was sent in your Supplies in your PSP. Click on the Pattern Tab and then open the Drop down window :

See Example:

Step 34:
Now that you have your Gold Flood fill your Selected Border with the Gold

Step 35:
Selections/ Select None

See Example:

Step 36:
Image/ Add Border/ 12 / White

Step 37:
Click inside with your Magic Wand

Step 38:
Flood fill with This Color: #bcb98a ( or a color of your choice)

Step 38:
Go to Effects/ Weave /

See example for Settings:

Step 39:
Selections/ Select none

Step 40:
Image/ Add Border / 2 / White

Step 41:
With Magic Wand click inside the border

Step 42:
Flood fill with Gold

Step 43:
Selections/ Select none

Step 44:
Image/ Add Border/ 25 / White

Step 45:
With Magic Wand Click inside the Border

Step 46:
Flood fill with : #8e905f ( or a color of your choice )

Step 47:
For those that have the Filter installed ( Eye Candy 4000 ) you may add :
All Baby Bees Skip this Step.

See Example:

For those that don't have Eye Candy Installed..Just skip this part for now.. You will learn it later:

Step 48:
Go to Effects/ 3D Effects/ Inner Bevel

See Example for Settings:

Step 49:
Selections/ Select None

Step 50:
Image/ Add Border/ 1 / White

Step 51:
With magic Wand click inside and flood fill with gold

Step 52:
Add any Decorations you may want in your frame..

Step 53:
Don't forget your signature as the artist..

See Example:

Step 54:
Resize and ..


Send in your finished waterfall and show it off

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