We will be learning Distance and Dimensions!

Remember to Save Often and Keep All Layers: You will be Changing
things as you go and will need to be Able to get behind and under things:

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Good luck and have fun!

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In the Supplies you will notice that you have a Folder with Brushes in it: Open the Brushes into your PSP and then go to File/ Export/ Custom Brushes: Give the Brush a name and save it: I have found this to
be the Simplest way to share my brushes with you:

We are going to learn about Dimensions and distance in this lesson.. You need to know and understand how this works to have a Successful painting: What I'm showing you in this example is: How changing the Size and angle of one Shape can create distance and depth:


Notice how the Bricks form a wall at first: and then as the bottom gets stretched out and the top narrowed. it takes on a Taller look: Once the Wall is laid down it takes on a path look: The more Narrow the Top the More Distance you give the Creation: Notice how the Size of my Canvas has not changed but It already looks as if I have Depth in this Creation:

In this next Example your going to see more Distance and Depth:

Do you see how as the little boy walks away he gets smaller in size giving it a distance feeling: Notice how you get the feeling he's walking into the Page:

This is the Same walk way created in the first example and the Animated little boy in the Second example: See how they work together in size: The Walk way and the little boy stay in the same Dimensions but yet Give the Distance:

In this Example: Notice the Distance feeling in the painting: All I have so far is the Sky and ground: But in the Shading and the Pattern you see Depth going into it: Take a really Good Look at this Example:

Step 1:   Paint The Sky and Ground for your Painting: We covered this in the First couple of Lessons:

In this next Example you will see that I have Added Trees to the Painting using a brush: Notice how I have Changed the Size of the Tree's to give the Painting Depth: The farther back I want the painting to go : The Smaller the Tree: Do you see the Distance in the Painting More now?

Step 2:   Add the Tree's to your Painting giving the painting Depth:

In this next Example you are going to see how I have added the Leaves to the Tree's.. Notice the Farther back the Tree the Less Detail you see.. I used the Sponge for the Tree's in the back.. But as I got closer to the Front I used the Leaf Brush Tip:

Step 3:   Add Leaves to your Trees:

In the Next Example you see how I've added the Sun: I wanted to get an Idea of Which direction to take my shadows: I've also added a Pond using the Previous Lessons: Make sure you Pay very close Attention to the Details of the Shadows: This will give your Painting the 3D Effect of it being real:

Step 4:   Add the Sun and Pond

Step 5:   Start working in your Shadows: ( use the Brush Tips to create the Shadows and then Smudge them with the Smudge tool:

In this Example you will see that I have painted in a Path: I want you to Use the Depth that you have been learning in this Class to create the path.. I used my Pen Freehand to Draw out the Path first .. Then I painted it in.. I again used the pen to Draw in the Lines for the Gradient between the Stones: and then Shaded them in with paint: You will notice that I added detail to the closer Trees: I again used the Pen to draw in the lines and used the Smudge to shape it and move it:

Step 6:   Paint in a Path / Make the path look like it's laid Stones:

Step 7:   Add Detail to the closer Trees:

In this Next Example you will see that I've added more Details and Life Tubes: The Birds in the Sky far away were Drawn out using the Pen.. Then I added the Bird Closer coming into the Tree's.. You want to keep in mind.. The closer the Larger .. If you will notice.. My little Cutie in the Pond is Larger then the Mother and Child .. This giving the Illusion that she's farther away then the little cutie from us: I've added the Fawns as you will notice in the Supplies they are much larger and had to be taken down a bit to fit into the painting: For those of you that feel daring you may want to try to add some distant Mountains.. We will be getting into the mountains later: This was just a faint hint of Mountains in the distance to give you an Idea of Depth:

Step 8:   Add the Life tubes to your painting:

Step 9:   Add Detail to the Tree's and Ground: painting in the Shadows:

Step 10:   Create a Nice Frame of your own:

Step 11:   You may want to add a Text to your Creation like I did mine:

Step 12:   This is your own Painting so Please make sure that you have your Signature on the painting:

Step 13:  Once you have Completed the painting Send it into Myself,
All the Instructors and the Group:


1)   For this week.. I would like to see you Work with Dimension:

2)   Show me Different Dimensions using life Tubes in your Creations:

3)   Tell me what you have learned this week and how you are able
to apply it to your Normal creations:

Send in your lesson like so: Artsy Bee Lesson 15 (Your Name/YahooID) for credit.

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Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons.

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