Learning to Shade and Shape

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Step 1:   Open the Tube Orange

Step 2:   Open a New Image 500 x 500 Transparent:

Step 3:   Flood fill the Background with White: ( doing this allows you to see your Painting Better:)

Step 4:   Copy and Past the tube into your New Image: Name it Outline:

Step 5:   With the Magic Wand click inside the Orange:

Step :   Selections/ Modify/ Expand by 3


Step 6:   Start painting in the Colors for your Orange: See my Example:


Step 7:   Once you get the colors that you want you can start to Smooth it all together using the Smudge tool We used for the pond: See Examples:



Step 8:   If you will notice in the Top example I added more White to the top of the Orange: Remember we did this for the Pond: You will have a new Layer with the white so make sure you smudge it and then close off all layers but the orange painted layers and merge visible so you can smudge the white into the orange:

Step 9:   Remember the key to making the orange look round is in the Direction you shade.. Like the Example above and the colors you use: If you need help with color selections.. Open a Picture of a real orange that's already colored in.. Study it and pick colors from
it to get the shades on your orange:


Step 10:   Once you Shut off the Orange outline.. you will notice that you have holes in the Orange: go back and paint in those wholes:


Step 11:  Make your paint Marks like this:


Step 12:   Merge visible with the Orange and smooth it out using the Smudge Brush again:


Step 13:   Open the outline again and finish painting the flower and Leaves in the same way: Keep in mind where the sun shines on it and where the dips and hills will be: you will want to shade and smooth
in those area's:


EXAMPLE: Outline Closed off:

Step 14:   The leaf and Orange are on different layers so when your finished you are going to be able to move them and place them
where you want them:

Step 15:   Paint the Flower in the same way :


Step 16:   Close off the Outline and see what you have so far:


Step 17:   Now that you have it all painted and on different layers.. Save it as a PSP file: you can now use these like tubes to create an awesome tag, letter head, Or even in another painting: See my Example:



1)   Finish The Orange From the Lesson and send it in as a PSP file with all Layers:

2)   Send in a Finished Project using your newly Painted Orange, Flower and Leaves:

3)   Do the Same thing with the Grapes outline included in the Supplies:

Send in your lesson like so: Artsy Bee Lesson 16 (Your Name/YahooID) for credit.

Send to :


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