Ocean Painting

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Hello Class: Thank you for joining me for another painting Class: So far you have been taught about shadows and light.. You have been taught about depth and distance... You have been given exercises to help you see the difference and how to achieve these effects... Now it's time to try to put some of that together along with a few effects that PSP offers you to enhance your work..

Shall we get started?!

Good luck and have fun!

Open the Sponge Brush into your PSP and Export as a Custom Brush: You should already know how to do this: If your having trouble.. Please ask for help:

Please keep in mind as your painting : THIS IS YOUR PAINTING NOT MINE! As we have gone over a number of times.. You can't come into my body and see through my eyes and I can't go into your body and see through your eyes.. I'm not here to teach you paint by number or put you into a mold and turn you into a Duplicate of myself.. I'm here to teach you how to use these tools to express yourself and to show you how to bring us into your world.. So only use my examples as just that.. EXAMPLES: They are not the RULE! Any settings I show you are only Examples: you may want to play around and come up with some of your very own for a look that is all your own.. The Colors I give you are only EXAMPLES: Once again play around and come up with colors of your very own.. With that Said: Please look at Example 1:


Notice the Depth I have in this painting: I have pointed out
some of the things that give this painting that depth.. As you can see I've given the Eye the Illusions to tell the brain .. It's seeing Water over the Sand.. When in fact it's not.. I've given the Eye the Allusion that the mountains are far off.. And the Bird is very close.. It's as if we have taken this picture laying on our tummy in the sand.. We will get more into the Wave as we get farther into the painting.. I wanted to take this time to focus on the Depth so you can see it before you apply any paint to your Canvas:

Step :1   Open a new Image 500 x 500

Step :2   Paint the Entire Canvas with white We will be working in many layers so please remember to name your layers:

Step :3   Working only with the Sky.. Start painting in your Skyline like this:


Step :4   With your Smudge Brush: work your Sky until you like what you see.. Make sure you can see a light source in your Sky: Remember there is always a light source coming from someplace thought at times it may not be as bright as others:


Can you see where my Light Source is in this Example?

Now with my light source detected: I can start to figure out where my Darkest point will be in the painting.. This will be the places that will be shaded from the light and farthest away from the light:

Step :5   Rename that layer sky: and Start a new Art Layer for the Skyline: My Skyline will be the Mountains;


Step :6   Here's where the Layers come in Handy.. I want to work on my foreground: I want to add Sand .. But the Sand needs to run under the Mountains.. I will be working on a new layer between the mountains and the Sky calling it Sandy Beach:


Step :7   After painting and creating the Beach.. I wanted to give it a Grainy look.. I did this by using Noise: See my Example:



Step :8   Now it's time to start painting in the Wave: Don't panic: It only looks hard.. It's no different then you have been doing: See my Example:


If you will notice that I have left my lines showing and it still > looks really rough.. but as we add the Foam it will all start to blend in and those lines will look awesome:

Step :9   Using the Sponge Brush ( I have included the Sponge with the Supplies: it was sent as a PSP file that you will open in your PSP and export as a Custom Brush:) I then started creating my foam using it like a Stamp.. ** You should all be familiar with the Stamp Effect**


Step :10   After getting the outline I filled in the Wave with more foam and details:


Step :11   The Beach needed a shadow under the Foam to give it more of a 3D Look and Blend the Wave with the Sand:

Step :12   Wow it's really coming together now.. All that's left
is to add detail to the Painting: I started with Adding Detail to the Sky:


I haven't gone into detail on how I created these because we have been doing this since that first Orange you all painted.. Applying the color and smudging in where you want .. Adding shadows and lights.. Making the Motion for rounded and flat:

Step :13   Adding the Shell and Bird on the Beach gave us a focal point.. This bringing our attention in towards the beach;


Step :14   Duplicating the Shell / lowering the Opacity a little and giving it a little Smudge / pulling it out quick to give it a ripple effect: gives the Illusion your looking through water:


Step :15   The bird: I copy and paste as a new Image

Step :16   Flip the bird and Grey Scale it:

Step :17   Copy and Paste into the painting:

Step :18   Using the Deform Tool to place it keeping in mind the Direction of your Sun and Shadows:


Step :19   finish the Painting off with an awesome Frame: Add what text you would like : ( I wrote a little poem for mine ) and then Save:



Send this painting in along with Details for me.. I would like to know what kind of steps you took to get the effects you have: Tell me what you had trouble with and what came easy for you: These will give me idea's of what I can focus on for future lessons:

Send in your lesson like so: Artsy Bee Lesson 17 (Your Name/YahooID) for credit.

Send to :


Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons.

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