Working with Shades and Lines

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What we are working on today will be fine tuning your Shadow skills and Depth skills.. I showed you last week how to get Depth into your painting: But now I'm going to teach you how to paint and keep that depth in something like this Sheet: In my Example I have above I painted the flower first.. This is Wrong!!!! I did this only to show you.. when painting you always want to start with a Solid Base.. That would be your Background: This is the Center point of your painting: Then you will work your way forward in the painting.. From farthest from you to closest.. Those flowers should have been the very last thing I should have painted.. Now I would have to paint all around them if this were a real painting **giggles** Buttttttt.. Since this is PSP and we have those awesome layers.. ** winks** I could still do a nice job and paint behind them.. Because I can shut them off and pull them back up when I get that far..

Looking at the Outline sheet.. You can see a Tree as the farthest from you.. Then the Shrubs .. Next will come the path and then the Butterflies.. Last will be the flowers.. Once you have the painting completed.. You will then Duplicate this Project: Save the Original with all the layers as a PSP file.. And Close it.. Merge Flat the Duplicated and Frame it.. Those are your steps:

If you feel you really must add tubes to this painting.. You may do that but only after you have saved it as a JPEG without the Tubes so that you can send both in for me to see: What I will be looking for in the
painting are: Highlights: Shadows: Shading: Center Points * are they consistent* : And Blends: Please use your Mixer in this project.. If you would like a pond in your painting.. You may create and paint in your pond..

Step 1:   Open the Outline that I've provided for you:


You will notice this has two layers: The colored layer is just a background I added so that I could see this to outline it better for you all:

Step 2:   Duplicate the Outline ( Shift/ D )

Step 3:   Close the original one

Step 4:   Close the Green Background or Delete it:

Step 5:   though I started with my flowers first so that I could show you how to paint this.. I would like you all to start out with your background: So Paint your background: leave the outline open so you have an idea of where the shy goes and the ground goes: You can work on darker colors where the bushes are and where the path runs..

Step 6:   Once you get the background in.. Start working on the Foliage in the back: The Trees and shrubs.. you always want to work with the farthest away point first and then work your way forward in a painting: You may use Brushes to do your Trees and Shrubs:

Step 7:   Once you get all the background stuff.. Work on the Path.. It's the next farthest away thing:

Step 8:   Now you will work with the Butterflies and leave the flowers for last:

Step 9:   While painting keep in mine where the sun is coming from in your painting and get the highlights in:

Step 10:   There is enough life to this painting.. Do not add any Tubes to this Painting.. Keep this one as is.. I want to see your work in this one: This will test your painting skills my dear Bees.. Keep in mind.. If you don't like something you can remove it if you always keep them on their own layers...

Step 11:   Create a Nice Frame and send this in:

Step 12:   If you have added tubes send in the Project with and without Tubes: I would like to be able to see your work clearly:

Step 13:   Do not use any special Effects in this painting.. This makes it hard for me to see if you have all the Above elements applied: I'm only able to help if I can see it **giggles** Yea can't cover it up...


Send in your finished work (remember no special Effects) to the group and me.

Send in your lesson like so: Artsy Bee Lesson 18 (Your Name/YahooID) for credit.

Send to :


Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons

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