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Part 2 - Lisa B

Deform Tool
Lesson 9

Straighten Tool
Lesson 10

Mesh Tool
Lesson 11

crop Tool
Lesson 12

Selections Tool
Lesson 13

Dropper Tool
Lesson 14

Paint Brush
Lesson 15

Air Brush
Lesson 16


Part 3 - Jennifer T

Warp Brush
Lesson 17

Lesson 18

Scratch Removal
Lesson 19

Smudge Brush
Lesson 20

Eraser Tools
Lesson 21

Picture Tube
Lesson 22

Art Media Tools
Lesson 23

Paint Bucket
Lesson 24


Part 4 - Jennifer T



Text Tool
Lesson 25

Font Tips
Lesson 26

Preset Shape tools
Lesson 27

Water Mark
Lesson 28

Tube Shop



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