Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 1:
Lets Make A Bee Fly
Written and Copyright © Krissy Baker

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Today's Lesson will be how to Animate a Bee to move. I've included the Bee. Please save it in your Lesson File.

Step 1
Open a New Image 500 by 500 in your PSP.

Step 2
Open/ copy / past as new layer ... Your Bee Tube

Step 3
Duplicate your Bee Tube (Right click on your tube layer in layer pallet and duplicate)

Step 4
Close off Your First Bee and then Using your Eraser. Remove the wing in back of the Bee.

Step 5
Using your Freehand Selections Tool outline the outer wing like this.

Then click inside that ring you have made with your mouse using your left button it will do this (the Mode of the Freehand Selection Tool must be set to Replace for this to work correctly).

Step 6
This has turned this wing into a floating so we need to change it into a layer. Right click the floating layer and move up to Promote selection to layer

Step 7
Go to Selections / Select None

Step 8
Using your Raster Deform Tool to move that wing down and around the bee to give it a new angel..

Step 9
Move the Wing Layer under the Bee. (Use the Hold and Drag on your layer pallet)

Step 10
Duplicate that wing

Step 11
Go to Image / Mirror

Step 12
Close off everything but the Bee and his two wings

Step 13
Merge/ Merge Visible

Step 14
Make a Background for your Tag (Get creative here)

Step 15
Type out the Text that your Bee will move across.

See examples below

Special Note:

To make your text appear as it does in my example.. You will need to make as many layers of your text as you have bee's.. So that you can errase away the text that shouldn't be showing with each frame of your bee until you get all showing.

Step 16
You have Two Bee's now.. One with Wings up.. And one with Wings down..

You're going to make Duplicates of them to place in order so they look like they are flying away.. Like this.

They are all on different layers

Here's a Shot of my Layer Pallet

As you can see I have each Bee named.. I have my Text Named and my Background. This will help you keep track of each layer and sequence they go in.

Step 17
Now I will hide All my Layers but the one I want my Animation to Start out with.

Once you close off the Bee's to start making your frames your going to have this

Step 18
File / Optimizer/ JPEG / Save

Step 19
Now you will close off that frame so you can make the next frame like this

Step 20
After you have Completed all your fames and saved them. Open your Animation Shop

Step 21

Use your Animation Wizard to open the Frames that you have just made so you can animate them

(if you have forgotten how to use your Animation Wizard Here's the Steps)







If your layers are not in the right order you can move then with the up and down button's


Step 22
Once you get your Frames in order in your Animation shop. You may want to Resize it and View it before saving it.

Mandatory Assignments

1. Turn in your bee tag for credit.

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