Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 2
How to Add Text to A Animated Tag:

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tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

You should still have some of the supplies from previous lessons but if you did not save them here is the direct link once again.


Lets Get Started:

Good luck and have fun!


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Step 1:   In your Supplies you will find the drink Tube
I have in my Example above: Please open the drink Tube and a
Font of your own Choice:

Step 2:   Open a new Image 500 x 500 Transparent Background in PSP

Step 3:   Copy and Past the Drink Tube into your New Image as a new Layer:

Step 4:   After Selecting your Text Tool:
Turn off the Background Color before typing in your Text:
You will want to select a font that has some
width to it so you can add Noise to it:

Step 5:   Type in your Text : See Example

This is the Guide we will be using to get the outline for the Glitter Name:

Step 6:   Promote Selection to Layer

Step 7:   Selection/ Select None

Step 8:   With your Magic Wand and Shift Key held down/
Feather 0/ Click outside each letter and in each loop like this:

See Example:

Step 9:   Selections/ Invert

Step 10:   Add new Raster Layer and Name it Text:

Step 11:   Using the Strawberry Clone in your Text Center
like this: See Example:

Step 12:   Move the Text Layer under the Text outline: See Example:

Step 13:   You still have the Marching Ants going around your Text:
Get your Free Hand Tool: Hold down the Shift key and trace around
the parts of your Drink Tube you would like to Add Noise too like
this: See example:

Step 14:   Duplicate Twice Shift / D Key on Keyboard

Step 15:   With one of your Duplicates / Merge / Merge Visible

Step 16:   Adjust/ Add Noise/ 25

Step 17:   Selection/ Select None

Step 18:   Copy and past it into A/S as a new Animation

Step 19:   With the Second Duplicate / Merge/ Merge Visible

Step 20:   Adjust/ Add Noise/ 15

Step 21:   Selections/ Select None

Step 22:   Copy / Take it to A/S and past it After the
Current Frame of the Animation we started with on Duplicate 1:

See Example:

Optimization Wizard:

Step 23:   Once you have Clicked on Optimization Wizard:
Lets go through the Settings together:

See Each Example for each Window in the Wizard:
Follow each Example for the Settings:

First Window:

Second Window:

Third Window: ( Customize )

Fourth Window:

Fifth Window:

Sixth Window:

Seventh Window:

Notice you now have Two Animations sitting in your Work Space:
I do this so that you are able to see it after it's been Optimized:
If you don't like the Results you can close the Optimized one and try it again..
If you like what you see.. You now go to File: Save as.. It will save
it as you see it in the Optimized Animation:

Special Note!

When your working with Transparent backgrounds: You will
sometimes notice that you have a Ring around your Finished Project: This
can happen if you have used a misted Tube: The Optimizer will pick up
some colors from the outer edge of the tube and fill those colors in.. While
it leaves others transparent: I find it much easier when I'm using a
Misted tube to use a background with it: Also if your working with a Tube
that has a drop shadow on it.. It will pick up some of the shadows and fill
them in.. Rule of Thumb... Never add a Drop shadow if your going to save
it as a GIF:

Home Work!

A)   Send in the tag you did with the lesson

B)  Send in 2 additional tags using your own supplies or ones that were supplied for you.
( Show me Screen shots of your Optimizer Settings:
Only if your having trouble with your Optimizer:

C)   Please help us help others by giving us your feed back on this lesson:

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