Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 3

This is an Example of some of what we will be doing in the next lesson.

Written and Copyright © KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.


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I don't know about you but I'm really excited about what you
have learned so far! Lets see: You have learned How to apply
Text: How to apply Noise: How to save as a GIF with a
Transparent background: You have learned how to use your Tube
Tool to apply a Sparkle: You have Learned to use your Optimizer:
And you have learned to use your Animation Wizard:
Just for a few of the things you have learned already:
Isn't that exciting!!!!..


We have Different Types of Glitter:
These are examples of what is called Glitter Dust:


As you notice this is just Noise animated already that can be
used as a fill: ( You will learn this later in the lesson)

These next Examples you will see are Glitters created using brushes and tubes:


In these next Examples: You will see Glitter with Star Bursts:

I have found making Glitter is a lot of fun: I came up with some
really awesome stuff just playing around: I hope to get to see
some of your awesome Work after we finish with this lesson:


Lets Get Started:

Good luck and have fun!

We are going to start out with the Glitter Dust:

Step 1:   Open a New Image 200 x 100 Transparent Background

Step 2:   Flood fill with HTML:#004000

Step 3:   Go to Adjust/ Add Noise/ 25 / Random Selected:

Step 4:   Go to Adjust/ Sharpen/ Sharpen

Step 5:   Duplicate The Image 2x like this: See Example:

Step 6:   The First Duplicate go to Image/ Flip:

Step 7:   The Second Duplicate go to Image/ Mirror:

Step 8:   Copy and past the First one into Animation as a new Animatoin:

Step 9:   Copy and past the Second Duplicate into A/S after first Frame:

Step 10:   Copy and Past the Last one in After Frame 3

Step 11:   View Animation: This is what you should see:

Step 12:   Save the Glitter so you can use it later in the Lesson:

Make sure you save all your Glitters with your name:
You will be sending them in for credit:

Next Glitter:
This will be Glitter Created with Brushes:

Step 13:   Open new Image 200 x 100 Transparent background

Step 14:   Activate the Paint Brush Tool:

Step 15:   In the Drop down window: Locate the Line Right Tip:
See Example for Settings:

Step 16:   Set your Foreground at HTML: #ffc0ff

Step 17:   Start in the Upper Left Corner and make your First Brush Stroke:
See Example:

Step 18:   Change your Foreground color to HTML: #c0c0ff

Step 19:   Make your Second Brush Stroke:
Over Lap the First Stroke a little with this one
so you have no breaks in your color:
See Example:


Step 20:   Change your Foreground Color to HTML: #c0ffff

Step 21:   Make the Next Brush Stroke just like the One Before:

Step 22:   Change the Foreground Color to HTML: #c0ffc0 and
Repeat the Brush Stroke:

Step 23:   Change the Foreground Color to HTML: #ffffc0 and
Repeat the Brush Stroke:

Step 24:   Change the Foreground Color to HTML: #ffc0c0 And
Repeat the Brush Stroke:

Step 25:   Go back to the First color we applied for the Foreground:
Repeat the Brush Stroke:

Step 26:   Repeat the Second color:
You will continue doing this until you have filled your
Entire Background with your colors like this:
See Example:

Step 27:   Add a New Raster Layer

Step 28:   Change your Brush Tip to Line Left:
Size 300 and Thickness 1:
All other Settings are the same:

Step 29:   Using the Same colors as the Bottom layer:
Make Cross Strokes like this: See Example:

Notice how I left room so you can see the colors from the Bottom:

Step 30:   Merge/ Merge Visible:

Step 31:   Adjust/ Add Noise/ 25

Step 32:   Adjust/ Sharpen

Step 33:   Duplicate 2xs

Step 34:   Flip one and Mirror the other:
( You now have 3 Seperate fames)

Step 35:   With your Tube Tool: Add Sparkles to the
3 Different Frames:
See Example:

Step 36:   Copy and Past Frame 1 in as a New Animation:

Step 37:   Copy and Past Frame 2 after Frame 1

Step 38:   Copy and past Frame 3 After Frame 2

Step 39:   View and Save:
You should have this: See Example:

We will be using this Glitter Later in the Lesson:

The Next Glitter will be a Dialated Glitter:

Step 40:   Open a New Transparent Image/ 200 x 100

Step 41:   Flood fill with HTML:#008080

Step 42:   Adjust/ Add Noise/ Same settings as before:

Step 43:   Effects/ Edge Effects/ Dilate

Step 44:   Adjust/ Sharpen More 2x's
See Example:

Step 45:   Adjust/ Hue and Saturation/ Colorize:
Hue; 176..
Saturation: 249

Step 46:   Adjust/ Brightness and Contrast/
Contrast: 50

Step 47:   Duplicate 2x's

Step 48:   Flip one and Mirror the Second one:

Step 49:   Copy and past all 3 frames into A/S Like we did above:

Step 50:   View and Save:

Play a little more and Create some Glitter of your Very own:
I'm going to ask you to send in some of your own
Creations in the Homework:

Note: save those glitters your going to need them for the next lesson


1. Send in all the glitters that you made with the lesson and include those that you got very creative with.

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and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons
without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: