Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 4

This is an example of what your going to be able to do
after you have completed this lesson:

Written and Copyright © KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

You should have all your Supplies from Lesson 3:
If not go back to lesson 3 and download the
Supplies before you begin:


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Before we go into a Big Project like the Bear lets start
out with just using the Glitter to fill in our Name:
I've Provided you with a Couple of fonts for the Lesson..
You will be able to use your own choice of font later
in the lesson: For this one Please Open: All the fonts
provided into your Windows and minimze them to your Task Bar:

Step 1:   Open a New Transparent Image in PSP 800 Width and 300 Height:

Step 2:   With your Text Tool Set on Zallman Caps
( Make sure you have your Cap Locked on your Keyboard for this one:)
And Set your Text to:
Size 80:
Stroke 1.0:
Foreground Color: Black:

Step 3:   Type in your Text: For this lesson:
I would like your Text to be Two wards so you can
put a spacer between them: We are going to work with the Spacer:
The Space would be the Dash found above your P key
on your Keybard: See Example:

This is what it will look like: See Example:

This example is smaller then what I see in my work space:
I zoomed it down so that I could show you:
Your going to want to keep it Large to work
with so you can see to get inside the Text:

Step 4:   Promote Selection to a Layer:

Step 5:   Selections/ Select None

Step 6:   Open one of the Glitters you have created in animation:

Step 7:   Holding down the CTRL Key and clicking A on the Keyboard:
Select all Frames:

Step 8:   Copy all the Frames

Step 9:   Go to PSP and Past Animation As Multiple Images: See Example:

Step 10:   Minimize them to the Bottom: see Example:

Step 11:   Open the Animated Bee in Animation

Step 12:   Select all Frames:

Step 13:   Go to File/ Export to PSP : See Example:

See the Difference in the Transfer:
When you copy and past you have the Choice of pasting
as Multiple Images( Which we will need for our Glitter Fill)
Or in this case: One Image with 3 Seperate layers:
Each Layer has one Frame on it: How you transfer your Images
depends on what you need to use them for:

Step 14:   Back to your PSP:
With your Magic Wand Click inside the Spacer in your Text:

Step 15:   Selections/ Modify/ Expand by 1

Step 16:   Click on Background and then Create a new Raster Layer/
Name it Bee Frame 1

Step 17:   With Bee Frame 1 Active/ Copy The Bee we Exported from A/S
First Frame: See Example:

Step 18:   Past it into Selection: See Example:

Step 19:   Repeat these Steps for Frame 2 and 3 of the Bee:
See Example of my layers Palette:

Step 20:   Selections/ Select None

Step 21:   We are going to get Creative with this:
Click on the Frame part of the Spacer:
So you have the Marching Ants running on the inside:
See Example:

Step 22:   Selections/Modify/ Expand by 2

Step 23:   See my Example of my Layer Pallet:

you should have your Layer pallet just like this so
you will understand the Next Few Steps:

Step 24:   In the Example you can see that I have Bee Frame 3 Active:
Once you have Bee Frame 3 Active/ Create a new Raster Layer
and Name it Spacer Glitter 1:

Step 25:   If you have your Glitter Open in your Work Space but Minimized
when you open your patterns up you will find it
in the Drop down.. I'm going to show you an Example
of my Drop down: You will see all the Glitters I have
open to use on my Projects:

If you don't remember which ones are frames 1, 2 and 3..
They are in number order.. So you can go from there..
My Colors were 67, 68 and 69:
Keep this in mind while your working:

Step 26:   I'm going to use Red for this Center Part:
So I'm clicking on Frame 1 of my Red:

Step 27:   Create a New Raster layer above Spacer Glitter 1 and
name it Spacer Glitter 2

Step 28:   Flood fill it with the Second Frame of your Glitter Color:

Step 29:   Create a new Raster Layer Above Spacer Glitter 2 and name it Spacer Glitter 3:

See Example of my Palette now:

Step 30:   The Next Thing I want to do is use a Glitter to
Color in my Letters: So pick your Letter Glitter and
have it open in your PSP If you don't already
have it open:

Step 31:   With the Shift Key held down Click inside each letter
and make sure you get all the small places:
See Example:

Step 32:   Selections/ Modify / Expand by 2

Step 33:   Click on Text and rename it Text Outline:

Step 34:   Then Click on Space Glitter 3 To Activate
it in the Layer Palette:

Step 35:   Create a New Raster Layer: Name it Text Glitter 1

Step 36:   Flood fill with your Text Glitter 1

Step 37:   Create a new Raster Layer and Name it Text Glitter 2

Step 38:   Flood fill it with the Second Frame of the Glitter:

See Example of what you have now in your Layer Palette:

Step 39:   Selections/ Select None

Step 40:   I wanted to do my trim in a Glitter too so with your Magic
Wand: and the Shift Key down: Click on all the Black in
the Letters like this: See Example:

Notice that I have everything shut off but the Text Outline:
Also notice that I didn't click on the Space Frame:
I'm leaving it as is for the Bee:

Step 41:   Selections/ Modify / Expand by 1

Step 42:   Add a new Raster Layer and name it Design 1

Step 43:   Flood fill it with Glitter 1

Step 44:   Do this 2 more time using the Next 2 frames of your Glitter:

Step 45:   Selections/ Select None

See Example of Layer Palette:

Step 46:   Make sure all your layers are in the right order
with the Example above: use the Drag and Drop to move your layers:

Step 47:   Time to Move this to Animation:
Close off all layers but these:
Bee Frame 1:
Spacer Glitter 1:
Text Glitter 1:
Text outline:
Design 1:

Step 48:   When you right click at the top you will see this: See Example:

Step 49:   Copy Merged will Merge all that you have Open into one Frame:
Then Take it to A/S and past as a new Animation:

Step 50:   Now Close off everything but:
Bee Frame 2:
Spacer Glitter 2:
Text Glitter 2:
Text Outline:
Design 2:

Step 51:   Copy Merged and Past after Frame 1 in A/S

Step 52:   Now Close off Everything But:
Bee Frame 3:
Spacer Glitter 3:
Text Glitter 3:
Text Outline:
Desgin 3:

Step 53:   Copy Merged and Past into A/S after Frame 2

Step 54:   View Animation/ Resize / and Save it:

If you have forgotten how to resize your animation: Go to Animation/ Resize Animation:

This is an Example of what you should have infront of you:
It will be a Different Color and a Different Text:

Next Glitter Project:

You will need to have Two Glitters for this Project Open
and ready to use: They Can either be Glitter you have
Created or something you have saved:

Step C1:   Open a new Image 500 x 500 Transparent background

Step C2:   Activate your Preset Shape Tool

Step C3:   In the Drop down Window find the Star

Step C4:   Close off your Background color and Pick a Gold
for the Foreground:

Step C5:   Make sure you Uncheck Retain Style in the Options Bar:

Step C6:   Draw out your Star like this: See Example:

Step C7:   Convert to Raster Layer

Step C8:   Duplicate the Star and Resize it by 80 Percent:
Note make sure you have resize all layers unchecked.

See Example:

Step C9:   Close off the Background and Merge Visible:

Step C10:   Rename the Merged Layer to Star 1:

Step C11:   With the Magic Wand click inside the Star:

Step C12:   Selections/ Modify/ Expand by 2

Step C13:   Click on Background in Layer Palette To activate it:

Step C14:   Add new Raster Layer and name it Star Glitter 1

Step C15:   Flood fill with Glitter 1 for the Star
(That you have picked)

Step C16:   Add new Raster Layer and Name it Star Glitter 2

Step C17:   Flood fill with Glitter 2 for the Star

Step C18:   Add new Raster Layer and Name it Star Glitter 3:

Step C19:   Flood Fill with Glitter 3 for the Star

Step C20:   Seletions/ Select None

Step C21:   Activate the Text Tool: Locate a Text of your choice:

Step C22:   Type in your Text
( using Gold for outline and Close off background)

Step C23:   Place it over the Top of the Star like this: See Example:

Notice that I have used Gold for my Text outline and I have
Closed off my Background:

Your going to want to be careful about the Font you use:
Make sure your able to get inside all the loops
You want to pick one that's a little wider then
the one I used if your not very good at zooming
in and getting all the Small spots:

Step C24:   Right click and convert the vector to a raster then with your Magic Wand
and Shift Key held down click in the center of your Text inside each loop:
Rename your layer text See example:

Step C25:   Take the Same Steps as the Star to Create each
Layer and Flood fill each one with a New Glitter:
After you have finished flood filling go to selections/select none.

Step C26:   Ok the Tricky Part now: Duplicate the Star and all 3 Star Glitter Layers:

Step C27:   Move all the Duplicated Layers to the Top like this:
See Example of my Layer Palette:

See how I have renamed them and have them in order:
This will make it much easier when I go to Animate them:

Step C28:   With your Selection Tool: Make a Selection like this:
See Example:

Step C29:   Click on Star 2 and then the Delete Button on your Keyboard:

Step C30:   Do the same with All 3 Star 2 Glitters

Step C31:   This weaves your Text into the star:

Step C32:   Close off everything but:
Star Glitter 1:
Star 1:
Name Glitter 1:
Star Glitter 1:
Star 2:

Step C33:   Copy Merged

Step C34:   Past as a new Animation in A/S

Step C35:   Close everything off But: Star Glitter 2:
Star 1:
Name Glitter 2:
Star Glitter 2:
Star 2:

Step C36:   Copy Merged

Step C37:   Past After Frame 1 in A/S

Step C38:   Close everything off But: Star Glitter 3:
Star 1:
Name Glitter 3:
Star Glitter 3:
Star 2:

Step C39:   Past after Frame 2

Step C40:   View Animation / Resize and save:

Next Glitter Project:

Step D1:   Open Care Bear 2

Step D2:   There are Two layers to the Tube:
Find the Bear Layer and Copy it:

Step D3:   Past the Bear as a New Image

Step D4:   Close the Original Image

Step D5:   Now Start creating Glitter with each color from the Bear : See Example:

You will notice that in this Example it looks like I have
two of the same color: I have one from the Heart and
one from the nose and Feet Pads: They are different
but look very close to the same:

Step D6:   Activate the Magic Wand (settings: Mode: Add; Match Mode: RGB Value; Tolerance: 20 (you may need to adjust this setting); Use all layers: unchecked; Contiguous: checked; Feather: 0; Anti-alias: checked; Outside)

Step D7:   Holding down the Shift Key Select all the Same Color
area's like this: See Example:

Note: If you Magic wand is just not allowing you to select the colors that
you need then use your selection tool Lasso either point to point or
free style and then select the areas that you want to glitter.

Step D8:   Add a New Raster layer and name it:
In my Case I'm starting out with the body:
So I've named mine Bear Body 1:

Step D9:   Flood fill Bear Body 1 with the First Glitter that matches:

Step D10:   Create a New Raster Layer and Name it Bear Body 2:

Step D11:   Flood fill with Bear Body Glitter 2 you created:

Step D12:   Create a New Raster Layer and Name it Bear Body 3:

Step D13:   Flood fill with Bear Body Glitter 3:

Step D14:   You will continue Coloring in your Bear and Stars until
you have it all colored in like this:
See My Example of my Layer Palette:

Step D15:   Now it's time to animate the Bear:

Step D16:   Close all Layers but your Frame 1 layers:
( So your going to keep bear and all your Layers with 1 in them:

Step D17:   Copy Merged and Past as a new Animation in A/S

Step D18:   Close all Layer 1's and open all 2's

Step D19:   Copy Merged and Past after Frame 1 in A/S

Step D20:   Close all Layer 2's and Open all 3's

Step D21:   Copy Merged and Past after Frame 2 in A/S

Step D22:   View / and Save:

Step D23:   You can Do a text on your Bear like I did mine:
You will do it the same way you did the Bear:
if you have a Animated Text you would like to use:
You can add it to it like we did in our Ealier Lessons:

Wow what a Lesson huh **smiles** We have worked hard
but had a lot of fun learning how to create
your own Glitter and how to use it: You may want
to take a break before you start doing the Home Work:

Home Work!

A) Send in all the Examples of each part of this

B) Do the other Care Bear and One more Glitter Name of your own

Click on the Button to the Right to return to the main Page
and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons
without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: