Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 8


Written and Copyright © KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Good luck and have fun!

Wow!!!! Can you believe all that you have learned so far!
This lesson will be simple with all that you know already:
So Please have fun with this lesson and just get really creative:

Special Note from Krissy:
Before you start I would like to Remind you that you may need
a Guide line for your Images: We will be working with the Deform
tool changing the Size of objects: You will want them to remain in the
same spot: So you can use a Line you have drawn your self
using the Pen/ The Grid / Or even the Ruler: always remember to turn
the Guide off before you Copy Merged and Transfer it to A/S: I
will not be using a Guide in the Lesson because I always eye
ball it: It's up to you to find what works best for you:
If you don't keep them in the Same spot you will get to
much bouncing in the finished animation.. This isn't good:



Keep these supplies for the next lesson

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Step 1:   Open a new Image 500 x 500 Transparent Background

Step 2:   I kept mine Transparent but you may want a background on yours:

Step 3:   Copy and Past the Tube of the Children into the Bottom
Center of the new Image:

Step 4:   With the Free Hand Tool: Go around the Girl in the air like this:


Step 5:   Click inside the Selection you have made like this (on the Tool Options Palette, make sure that Mode is set to Replace):


Step 6:   It will hug up to the Selected area and become a Floating Image:


Step 7:   Right click on floating Image and Promote Selection to Layer:

Step 8:   Selections/ Select None:
You will notice that you are able to move the little girl
around now: She's on a separate layer:

Step 9:   Rename the Two Tubes to: Original Children/ Original Girl :
We will be working with Duplicated images from these two:

Step 10:   Duplicate both Originals and Close them out:

Step 11:   Rename them Children 1 / Girl 1

Step 12:   Activate Children 1 layer

Step 13:   With the Deform Tool: Lower the Children like this:


Step 14:   With your Deform Tool: move the Little Girl down into the Hands
of the children like this:

Please take notice of how I have tilted her into their hands:

Step 15:   This will be Frame 1: So copy Merged and Past it into A/S:
You can crop the Image down in A/S after it's all put together:

Step 16:   Open Originals again and Duplicate them both:

Step 17:   Rename the Duplicates to Children 2 and Girl 2

Step 18:   Close Originals

Step 19:   Close Children 1 and girl 1

Step 20:   Move girl 2 down to the Children's hands again like this:


Step 21:   This will be Frame 2: Copy Merged and Past into your new Animation:

Step 22:   Open and Duplicate the Originals again

Step 23:   Rename then: Children 3 / Girl 3

Step 24:   Stretch the Children like this:


Step 25:   Move the Little Girl up higher (higher than in the last frame made; not higher than her original position) like this:


Step 26:   Copy and Past into A/S as Frame 3

Step 27:   Type in your Text:

Step 28:   Move the Text Layer under Original Children:


Step 28:   Promote Selection to a Layer

Step 30:   Selection/ Select None

Step 31:   Lower the Opacity on the Text to 32

Step 32:   Open and Duplicate original Children and girl: Close Originals

Step 33:   Rename Children and girl to 4 each;

Step 34:   Leave the children at their Stand but move the Little Girl up higher than her position in the last frame:


Step 35:   Close Girl and Children 3

Step 36:   Copy Merged and Past into A/S as Frame 4

Step 37:   Duplicate the Originals and close

Step 38:   Rename Duplicates/ to 5 each

Step 39:   Raise the Opacity on the Text to 56

Step 40:   Close Children 4 and girl 4

Step 41:   Copy Merged and Past into A/S as Frame 5

Step 42:   Duplicate/ Name Children and Girl

Step 43:   Raise the Girl a bit higher than her last position

Step 44:   Raise the Opacity to the Text to 70

Step 45:   Copy Merged/ Past into A/S as Frame 6

Step 46:   Raise the Opacity to the Text all the way

Step 47:   Start to Bring the Little Girl back down to the children now
repeating the same steps we took to raise her up (in each frame from now on, she will be moved a bit lower than her previous position):
You maybe asking: Why duplicate the Children if we aren't moving them:
Answer: Because I wanted to keep you from getting confused: By Duplicating
and creating each Frame you were able to keep track of each Frame:
As you get better at this: you will be able to keep track
without having so many different Layers: But for now.. Make and Name
each layer:

Example of Frame 6:

Example of Frame 7

Step 48:   You will star to Lower the Opacity again on the Text in
Frame 9: Go backwards to the Opacities when we added the Text:

Step 49:   In Frame 11 your going to Raise the children So they are
standing Taller: And your Text is nearly faded out now:


Step 50:   You should have 12 Frames if you have Followed our Steps above in Reverse:
If your still not sure: Take the one I created into A/S
and look over each frame:

Step 51:   Go to the largest Frame in your animation and Crop

Step 52:   I have mine set at 20 for speed:


Great Job!!!

Now lets make this one:

Before we start lets talk about this Example a little:
Some of you maybe looking at this thinking: isn't he moving a little fast:
The answer to that is yes to some and No to others:
I have set the Speed on this Animation to 25 with 13 frames:
If I slow it down much more then that we have what
we call hesitations in the animation: it no longer runs smooth..
Let me show you an example of what I'm talking about:


Do you see the Places where it pauses: Jumpy animation isn't good:
What do I do if I want to slow it down but
don't want the Jumpy animation: I would create more Frames moving my
Frog in smaller moves: But in doing this you will create a very
heavy Animation: So this will depend on what you want to use
it for and how are you going to display it: if your
using it for a tag to use in Emails.. You need to
keep it small.. Emails have limits to the size of mail you can send..
If your going to upload it to a League page or a Web site
you have more room to play: But Please keep in mind the
heavier the page the slower it is to open and those on
Dial up sometimes can't even get the pages with heavy Graphics to open:
Step 1:   In your Supplies I provided you with a Sheet of Frogs:
You will Separate them at this time so you can use each one:

Step 2:   I also included a pond and Weeds: Please open them to your PSP now:

Step 3:   Open a New Image 500 x 500

Step 4:   Create your Pond like this:


Step 5:   Merge Visible and name it Pond:

Step 6:   Now that you have the Pond Made: Add a Frog to the Rock like this:


Step 7:   Rename this Frog 1 (After this I won't be reminding you to rename your layers):

Step 8:   You need the 1ST Frog to be in place so you can type
in your Text and place it so that it's not to large and
in a place that your frog can jump onto it:
See My Example of the Text:

Special Note:
The Font you are going to use needs to have space between
each letter... It will be explained later why... If your using a Font
and the letters connect put a space between each letter:


Step:   Copy Merged and past into Animation: ( Frame 1 of 13 )
The Number of frames may vary depending on the size of your name:

Step 9:   Now the Fun Part starts: See My Next Example for How and Where I put my frog:

Please notice that the Letters B and E have been shrunk down:
Using the same steps we took with the children: We are able
to shrink down letters:

Here's how you do just the Letters you want to work with:

Step 10:   With your Free hand tool Select the part of the Font that
you wish to work with: See Example:


Step 11:   Once you have made your Selection you will notice that it's a
Floating Selection: Convert this to a Layer and Rename it:
In this case I would name it B & E: See Examples:



Step 12:   In the example above: you will see My layer Pallet: Notice how I have
Duplicated the B & E before I shrunk it down: And notice how much
I went down:

Step 13:   Add your Second Frog now:


Step 14:   Use the Deform tool to move the Frog into the right Position:
It's up to you to pick and place your frogs: I can't
do it for you since each name will be different: I'm showing
you my example because with the Text I've typed in here these
frogs work well with it: You have to be the Judge and creator:

Step 15:   Copy Merged & Past as Frame 2

Step 16:   This Step will be making the frog fly through the Air and
to bring the letters B & E Back up to their full size: See Example:


Step 17:   Notice how the Frog hasn't landed on a letter yet:
This allows me to have more frames to make him jump more smoothly..
If you would like to cut the number of frames down you would
just jump right onto a New letter:

Step 18:   Keep following these Steps until you have all your Frames in place and have used all 6 frogs:

Step 19:   Set your speed on the Animation: Keep in mind what I've taught
you about the Jumpy Frames: You want to set the speed so
that it runs smooth without Hesitation and Jumps: I can't help you
with this part because once again this is determined by the Amount
of frames you have and the size of your Text:

Step 20:   Once you have all your Frames set in A/S Crop out the Extra
space and Save your Animation: ( I can't wait to see it! )

I hope you are as excited about this one as I was creating it:
I just know that these are going to be fun for you all to be doing:


1. Send in your bouncing Kids for credit.

2. Send in your jumping frogs for credit.

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and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for the hard work that goes into these lessons.