Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 9

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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Good luck and have fun!

I would like you to take a Good Long Hard Look at this Lesson:
Notice the Movement of the Squirrel in the Tree along with the Squirrel
on the Text: Also take notice of the Shadow under the running Squirrel
and how it moves with him: You know how to create this entire
Tag except for one part: Rather then using the Deform tool.. your using
the Mesh Warp tool:
This tool is pretty simple to use:

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Notice the Warp tool in this Example:

Use the Mesh Warp tool to deform images, layers, and selections.
Clicking the tool places a grid, or mesh, on the image. The grid
intersections have mesh points, or nodes, that you drag to create deformations.

The Mesh Warp tool is limited to deforming the interior of a selection.
Use the Warp brush when you want to blend the selection into
the rest of the image.

Notice the Squares and the Nodes in each square: See Example:

These are the points where you will Warp your object:

If you need to change the Size of your Grid you will
find in the Tool Options bar that you can change the size
of your Vertical and Horizontal: See Example:

If you would like to Move the Entire Row or Column/
You will Hold the Shift Key while you Move the Node: See Example:

Notice how the Entire row moved:

Press the CTRL while moving to create a Smooth Curve: See Example

Notice in this one how it warps all 3 Letters: If you only
want to warp 2 of the letters you will need to Separate the
Letters and Activate the Layer you would like to Warp
before using the Warp:

I am including the Information that PSP provides for the Mesh Warp tool:
I think this is great information that will help you better
understand the Tool:

Choose settings from the Tool Options palette:

Draft quality Choose the quality of the preview that displays while you edit
the mesh nodes. Increasing the quality can slow the warping process in large images.

Final apply Clear the Best Quality check box to create a finished mesh
warp at the lower quality of the mesh preview.

Mesh horizontal and Mesh vertical The values indicate the number of mesh lines
within the frame. The border lines are not counted. You can change
the grid size as you work. Entering new Mesh values reconfigures the grid
and returns it to the original position. The image retains any deformations
you have made. Symmetric Mark this check box to create a grid that evenly covers the image.
If you image is not square, there will be different values for Mesh
horizontal and Mesh vertical. Clear this check box to adjust the Mesh horizontal
and Mesh vertical independently.

Show grid Clear the check box to hide the mesh warp grid.


You can save the Deformation you have created to use later if you need:
in the Example above you will see in the Tool Options Bar
where you can save and open your Saved Settings:

For this Part of the Lesson: using the Tubes that I have Provided
for you and the Knowledge you already have from other lessons: Create the
background of the Squirrel Animation:

I'm going to go through the First part of the animation with
you on this lesson and then your going to be left on
your own to complete the Task: Don't get scarred.. Relax: you have
the know how now: All you have to do is put it
all together:

Step 1:   You have Created the Squirrels playground and your ready to start making
him move: In this Example you will see my Squirrel over the
Top of the E and W in New:


Step 2:   I would like to add the Warp to all 3 of my
Letters since the Squirrels leaped from the Letter B onto the other
Letters: See my Example:


Step 3:   I had to Separate Letters N, E, W from the rest in order to Warp
only those 3 letters and not effect the rest: See Examples for each
one of my Next Steps:


Step 4:   With the Freehand tool still active click inside the Selection so that
the marching ants hug the letter: OR/ go to Selections/ and go
to Float

Step 5:   Convert the floating Selection to a Raster Layer:

Step 6:   Selections/ Select None

Step 7:   Making sure that the Layer with the New on it is active:
I then Applied the Warp:



Step 8:   Don't forget to apply the Warp once you have it the way
you want it: See Example above:

Step 9:   Now that you have the Warp: Place the Squirrel in the Place you want him to be:


Step 10:   Duplicate the Running Squirrel and Flip

Step 11:   With the Deform Tool: Move him into Place


Step 12:   Using the Blend Mode On the layer Pallet / Change it to / Luminance (L)
and lower the Opacity to 40%: See Example:


Step 13:   Make sure you Add the Shadow for each Running Squirrel:

Step 14:   You can either copy merged each frame and add them as you
go or you can copy Merged and past as a new Image:
Then add New Layers for each frame: I don't recommend that you save them
as JPEG until you have all your Frames made: This will save
on confusion: if you Find that you have a Missing Frame or something
isn't working right and you need to go back in to fix it..
You can get lost in your JPEG's trying to fix it: As you
add the layers to the New Image name each one as a frame:
Like I showed you in earlier lessons: When you have all your
Frames made and you think it will work.. You can then Export
them into a Folder as a JPEG and use the Animation Wizard to load
them all up: Please keep in mind that by doing it this way..
You will need a background behind the Squirrels: With the tubes I have
included the Weeds are not a very clean tube so you have
to be the judge.. You are more then welcome to clean the
tube up if you like: I used the tile I used for the
Background on my HTML for the background on this Project so that
it would appear as though it was Transparent: Those of you that want
to use one for HTML or as a Tourney Page may want
to do the same:


1)   Finish this Lesson up using what you know: Don't get Scarred:
You learned how to do all of these things in Honey Bees:
It's just moving things into Place now and making Frames with them:
You can do it!!!!! Good Luck my Dear Bees But more then anything:
Have Fun!!!

2)   Create one more Jumping Tag using your own Materials:


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