Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 10

Another very long 2 part lesson. You can do it!!

My Goal for this part of your Lesson is to take you from this:

To This:

And Finally to this:

This will take several steps and will take you reading
everything completely through:Please do not skip any steps!
If you find that you have lost your place or your
project doesn't look like one of my screen shots:
Go back to where it is looking right and try the steps again:
If in the Second try your still not getting it..
Please contact one of the Instructors for Help:
Keep in mind this is suppose to be fun!
If you find yourself getting upset at any point:
Please get up and walk away for a breather and come back..
It will look a lot different to you then:
I totally understand how hard it can be and how
frustrating it can get when you want something so bad and just
can't seem to reach it: I promise you that we will help
you reach that Goal! So Take a deep Breath, Get a
Cold or Hot drink: Put your Feet up: And lets get started:

Written and Copyright KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.



Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Step 1:   Open the Worm up in PSP

Step 2:   Duplicate the Worm and close the original one:

Step 3:   With your Free Hand Tool Trace around the Worm like this:

Step 4:   Copy and Past as new Image: See Example:

Step 5:   You can Close the Duplicated Worm now:
We have all we need from him:

Step 6:   Open a New Image 300 x 300 Transparent background

Step 7:   With your Preset Shape Tool / on Ellipse and Retain Style unchecked:
Set foreground and Background both to Black: Draw out a Nice
size Circle like this: See Example:

Step 8:   Holding down the Shift Key and the CTRL Key at the Same time:
Take ahold of this Node: See Example:

With your Left Mouse Button Held down and Drag it down and
to the Right like this: See Example:

Step 9:   Once you have the Black Hole in Place Convert to a Raster Layer:

Step 10:   Rename this Black Hole:

Step 11:  Copy and past the Worm as a new Layer: And Name it Worm

Step 12:   Place him in the Middle of the Hole like this: See Example:

Step 13:   Crop down the Size of your Worm like this: See Example:

Step 14:   Shut off the Worm layer:

Step 15:   Copy Merged and Past as a new Image:
Rename the Layer for this Frame 1 : See Example:

Step 16:  Open the Worm back up: Duplicate him: and close off Worm Like this:
See Example:

Step 17:  Name the Duplicated Worm to Worm 5

Step 18:   Duplicate the Black hole and Move it Above Worm 5 in the Layer pallet:
( Rename to Black Hole Copy) See Example:

Step 19:   With your Eraser Remove part of the Black hole copy to make
the work look like this: See example:

Step 20:   Copy Merged and past as new Image :

Step 21:   Rename it Frame 5 : See Example:

Step 22:   Duplicate Worm in your Layer Palette: Rename the Copy to Worm 4

Step 23:  With your Moving Tool: Move Worm 4 like this:
See Example for Worm Placement
and Layer palette:

Step 24:   Notice the bottom of the Worm is sticking out from
the bottom of the Hole: We need to remove that:
With your Selection Tool:
Make a Selection like this:

Step 25:   Press the Delete Key on your Keyboard:
( Make sure you have Worm 4 Active when you do this:)
See Example:



Step 26:   Make sure that Worm and Worm 5 are closed: Copy Merged and
past as a new Layer: Rename it Frame 4: See Example:

So far you have Frame 1, Frame 4 and Frame 5 And the Image we
are working on: Keep going: Your doing right:

Step 27:   Duplicate Worm again and move it above Worm 4

Step 28:   Name it worm 3 : See Example:

Step 29:   With your Moving Tool:Move Worm 3 down like this: See Example:

Step 30:   With your Selection Tool:
Make a Selection like you see in the Example above:

Step 31:   Close off Worm 4 and Active Worm 3 and click on the Delete
Button to remove the bottom of the worm:
See Example:

Step 32:   Copy worm 3 Merged with both Black holes open and past
as a new Image: Rename it Frame 3: See Example:

Step 33:   Duplicate Worm/ Move above Worm 3/ Rename it worm 2:
with your Moving Tool Move it down to this:

Step 34:   Remove the bottom with Selection and Delete:

Step 35:   Copy Merged and past as new Image; Rename Frame 2

Step 36:   Click on Frame 5 and Duplicate it: Rename the Duplicated
one to Frame 6: See Example:

Step 37:  Duplicate Frame 6 and Rename it Frame 7

Step 38:   Duplicate Frame 4 and Name it Frame 8 : See Example:

Step 39:  Duplicate Frame 3 and name it Frame 9

Step 40:   Duplicate Frame 2 and Name it Frame 10

All 10 Frames are here now: We still have work to do
to them before we can move them to A/S:
So if you want to take a break here and
get a drink.. This is a good time:

Now to Make his Eyes Blink!

Step 41:   Click on Frame 6 to activate this Frame:

Step 42:   Minimize the Rest of the frames: ( DO NOT CLOSE THEM )

Step 43:   Zoom way in on the Worm's eyes on Frame 6 Like this: See Example:

Step 44:   Activate the Clone tool

Step 45:   Select an Area that will match Close to the Area: like this: See Example:

Step 46:   then hold the Clone tool Over the Eye like this
and Click once to fill it in:
( The Size I'm using is 5 But that may change for you )

Step 47:   Notice how it looks like the eye is closed:
Now repeat this step for the other eye:
See Example:

I want you to notice how I'm trying to keep my Clone tool
inside the Ridge line for the eye:
By doing this.. Your eyes should look like this: See Example:

Are you ready to see if all this works?!

Step 48:   Start with frame 1 (Add a new Raster Layer) and Copy Merged
and Past it in A/S as a new Animation: See Note Bellow:

Special Note:

We need all the frames to be the same size:
But we don't have a background on them so they will copy
at a different size if we don't add a New Raster Layer
to frame 1 before We Copy and Past them into A/S:
Once the Size has been set with frame 1 all the rest
will follow: But you will still need to add a Raster Layer
to each one before you Copy and Past: Always Copy Merged:
This will keep each Frame at the Same place in the Series

Step 49:   Add a Raster Layer to all Frames and move the Frame
Above each Raster layer : This will allow you to still see each Frame
in the Title Bar of the Image:

Step 50:   Then Copy Merged and past Frames 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
and 10 in One at a time in their place:

Step 51:   Click on Frame 1 and go to Animation/
Frame Properties / Set the Frame speed at: 30

Step 52:   Set Frames 2, 3 and 4 at 20 :

Step 53:   Set Frames 5, 6 and 7 at 35 :

Step 54:   Set Frames 8, 9 and 10 to 20 :

Example of what you should have:

Please do not panic if you have your Frames out of order:
There is a Easy fix to this: See My Example bellow:

Notice how I have one frame out of place: Frame 4 Should be Frame 5:

How to fix this:

Step :  Click on Frame 4 and Copy

Step :  Click on Frame 5 and past after Selected Frame

Step :  Click back on Frame 4 and Delete the frame:
Frames can always be moved:

See Example:

Wow that was exciting wasn't it?!

I Broke this lesson up into two parts so the page doesn't
get to heavy with Graphics for those that are on Dial up:
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the hard work that goes into these lessons: