Advance Bumble Bee Lesson 11

Written and Copyright KB Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Special Note from Krissy:
Most everything you will be getting in this lesson you have had
in the past lessons.. The only difference in this lesson will be
the layers: You are going to be working with MANY DIFFERENT layers
in this lesson: It's very important that you read every part of
this lesson and follow very closely:

Good luck and have fun!


Keep these supplies for the next lesson

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Lets Get Started!

First let me tell you a little about Blings:

A bling is something to draw your attention to an Object:
We have Seen lots of Blings in signs along the Freeway and TV..
When your looking at the Flashing lights
of a New Business, products or Head Line:
your looking at a bling...

When creating blings they are to draw your attention into
the main picture not take it over..
It's the Movement ( Or in our Case the Animation )
that will draw your attention to the Bling.
Take the Arrows you see at a new Business with the flashing lights..
You can spot that arrow miles away..
Or the Big Spot light that you see flashing in the air..
These are all Advertisement blings that gain most everyones attention.
They make us go searching for the Attraction behind the bling:
I want you to keep these things in mind as your creating your blings.

This first bling we will be doing as I have it in this lesson..
I have Included the Tubes I used: Please download them into your
lesson folder and have them open and ready for use.

I have Provided you with lots of screen shots
of my layers as we build each frame:
Please pay close attention to the details of each
layer and the changes they go through:
This is very important for this lesson:
You will see and feel how each frame works with your layers..
How important it is to keep your layers named
and in an order you can understand..
Please follow along close in this lesson,
If you get lost go back to a point you know and start over..

In the Lesson you will be directed to create a new layer
and to name it: Unless other wise directed the next Steps will
be working with the newly created layer: You will not be instructed each
time to active the new layer: Please keep this in mind while your working
on this lesson:

Good luck Everyone!

Step 1:   Open a new Image 500 X 500 with Black Background

Step 2:   Copy and past your Fairy into your new Image as a new layer:

Step 3:  Rename this Fairy

Step 4:   Resize your Fairy 50 Percent:


Step 5:  With your Moving Tool.. Move it to the lower Left hand corner:


TUBE TOOL:    We will be using this tool to creat our bling.
But first we have to install our Sparkle to our Tubes.

Step 6:   Click on your Tube Tool:

Step 7:   Look in the Drop down window for Sparkle:
If you don't have it..
The Next Steps will teach you how to install a Tube:


Step 8:   Go to File/ Export / Picture Tube :


Step 9:  Name your Tube : Sparkle 1
( you may want to add different sparkles later so give it a number )


Now you can see by our Example Screen shot that our sparkle Is in there:


Step 10:  Using the pen tool     we are going to draw our line
for the Bling:



Step 11:  As you can see I started down by the Flower:
Starting out smaller Loops and let them grow to larger loops:
This gives the Allusion that she is farther away from you and
the bling is coming towards you:

See Example:

You don't have to be really picky and snooth with your line..
It's only going to work as a guid to place each of
your little Stars:

Step 12:  Lower your Opacity so that you can still see the line
but can see your Sparkles too:

Step 13:   Convert this to a Layer and Rename it: ( Line ):

Step 14:  Activate the Tube Tool:

Step 15:  Find the Sparkle in the drop down window:


Step 16:   Create a new Raster Layer: Name this Bling 1

Step 17:  Placeing each star close one to another start to place them
along your guid line on on the layer called Bling 1:

See Example to determin how far to go with the first bling layer:
Pay Close attention to your Spacing so that you don't have any gaps in your bling:


Step 18:  Create a new Raster Layer and Name this Bling 2

Step 19:  Place more Sparkls up along your line like this:


Step 20:  Create a New Raster Layer and Name this bling 3

Step 21:   Change your Sparkle Size to 25

Step 22:   Place your Sparkles along the line like this:


Step 23:  Create a new Raster Layer and Name this bling 4

Step 24:  Continue to move up the line with your Sparkles:


Step 25:  Change your Sparkle Size to 40:

Step 26:  Add New Raster Layer and Name this Bling 5:

Step 27:  Now finish your line with your Sparkles:


Step 28:  Close off your Line Layer: We are finished using this now:


Step 29:  Create a new Raster Layer and name this Star 1

Step 30:  Set your Sparkle Size to 50 and place one Star above your line like this:


Step 31:  Create a new Raster Layer and name this Star 2

Step 32:  Set your Sparkle Size to 100 and Place a Star over the top of your Last star:


Step 33:  Create a new Raster Layer: Rename this Star 3

Step 34:  Set your Sparkle size to 200 and place a Star over the top of your last star:


Step 35:  Create a new Raster Layer: Rename this Star 4

Step 36:  Set your Sparkle Size to 250 and place it over the Top of your Last Star:


Step 37:   Create a new Raster Layer: Rename it Star 5

Step 38:  Place a Star over the top of your last star:

Step 39:  Copy and Past the Butterfly into your Project:

Step 39B:   Resize the Butterfly by 30 percent:

Step 40:   Duplicate the Butterfly:

Step 40B:   Rename them Butterfly 1 and Butterfly 2

Step 41:  With your deform Tool:
Bring in the wings on both sides of your Butterfly 1 like this:


You are going to be placing the Butterfly in your Project in
these next few Steps: So when your told to move the Butterflys:
It's talking about in the Project and not in the Layer Pallet:

Step 42:  Duplicate butterfly 1 and Rename it Butterfly 3:

Step 43:  Move it above Butterfly 1 and 2:

Step 44:  Duplicate Butterfly 2 and use your Deform tool to move it Above butterfly 3:
rename it butterfly 4

Step 45:  Duplicate Butterfly 1 and with your Deform Tool..
Move it above Butterfly 4: Rename it Butterfly 5

See Example:

Step 46:  Type in your Text and place it under your Butterflys:

You may need to move your layers around now so they are in order:
( This will make it easier to follow along and
not get lost:

I have included a Screen shot of my layers: Make sure your
layers match mine:
Please make sure each layer is exactly like mine so you
get lost:

You See that I have my Stars at the top:
Butterflys next:
Namealyer Next:
Blings are next:

Step 47:  Now that you have your layers all in order:
We need to close off those we aren't going to be using for frame 1:

see Example:

Step 48:  When you right click you have the option to copy merged: Select that:
Then take it to Animation and Past as a new Animation:
(You will see your first frame)


Step 49:  Look again at my Layer Pallet: See that I have Opened my bling 2:

Step 50:  Copy Merged and Past into A/S After Current Frame


Step 51:   Continue to Follow the Screen shots I have set up for each Frame:
Pay close attention to the Opacity settings and What Layers I have
turned on and off


Step 52:  In A/S Activate Frame 1

Step 53:  Set the Speed to 25 ( Repeat this step for Last Frame ):

Step 54:  Select all the Middle Frames and Set the speed to 15:


Step 55:  Go to view animation and see how it looks so far:

Step 56:  Open the Flower Tube in PSP and Lower the Opacity (52) and resize the
flower to fit inside your Animation:


Step 57:  Copy and Past the Flower into A/S as a new Animation:
Duplicate the flower to match the Number of Frames in the bling:


Step 58:   Select all for the blower/ Copy

Step 59:  Select all Frames of the Bling/ Past into Selected Frame:
Your going to place the flower in just like you have in past
lessons for Text:


Notice how only one flower shows up while your placing it:
But when you let go of your left mouse button They will
all show up in each frame: Like this:


Notice how they are now seen in each frame in the exact same spot:
This is why we added them this way rather the one at
a time: It's hard to get them in the exact same place
that way: You will get a lot of bouncing around if they
are not exact:

Step 60:  Create your own Frame:( You learned this in earlier lessons )

Step 61:  Once you get your Frame Made Add it to your animation:

Step 64:   Keep in mind Since your Frame is Bigger then your bling you
will copy the bling and pasting it into the frame:


Step 65:   Reset the Speed in your New Animation:

Step 66:   View and Save to send in for credit:


1. Send in your animation based on the lesson.

2. Based on what you have learned create one using your own supplies

Click on the Button to the Right to return to the main Page
and the Button on the left to mail in all your Work:

Please do not copy, tear apart, email or share these lessons
without my permission: Thank You for your understanding and respect for
the hard work that goes into these lessons: