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Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Animation is a series of frames placed together to give motion.  With one frame you get this:

Well its not doing much now is it.

But add a second frame that is slightly different than the first frame and poof you get this:

Now add a third frame slightly different than the first and second frame and you get this:

So now I have added 8 different frames and on each one the pencil and line are slightly different and now this is what it looks like

See the frames in the screen shots it exactly 8 frames

Now lets play a little.  Download the pencil here:


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

Lets get started.

1. Open up your psp and start a new image 200 x 200 transparent.

Open up the pencil in your animation shop.

2. Activate your text tool and type out your name. Place it towards the bottom of your canvas you will need room to add your pencil.  Your size and font type is up to you.  This is what I have: Right click and convert your vector to a layer.

3. Right click on your name and click on copy merged.

4. Now go to animation shop and right click and paste as a new animation.

5. Your name should now be in animation and below it say F1 which means Frame 1.

6. Now look at the top of your animation shop and see the button like I have below.  Its your duplicate button.

7. Click on it once and look at your name, notice it is now duplicated and the frames now say F1 and F2.

8. What you don't see it like mine? Well then use the scroll bar on the bottom of your name and you should see 2 now.

9. Okay hit that duplicate button again you will have 3 name frames.

10. You can continue to hit the duplicate button but it will eventually double your images so rule of thumb is click on the last frame you duplicated it will turn blue then hit your duplicate button until you get the desired frames.

11. Since our pencil is 8 frames then our name has to be 8 frames to match it.  Notice the screen shots below and my duplicated name frames makes exactly the same amount of frames for the animated pencil.

12. Now take your mouse and click on your frames with the name in it to activate it.

13. Go to the top and click on edit/select all.  

14. Now click on your frames with the pencil and go to edit/select all then edit copy.

15. Minimize your pencil frame and click back on your frames with your names.

16. This step is important every frame on your name frames need to be highlighted blue for this step so don't click on any of the frames.  Instead take your mouse place it over F:1 and right click these options will become available:

17. Now click on "Paste into selected frame".

18. Notice that you see the pencil attached to your mouse in frame 1 or F:1

19. Position your pencil image above your name and left click when your happy with the placement.  Notice now that all the pencils show up matched exactly frame for frame with your name and the cool thing is that all the different pencil images followed as well.

20. Go to view/animation and what you know a pencil is now moving above your name.

21. Go to file/save as and name your animation.

22. After you place it in your folder this box will come up.  Let's optimize your gif saves.  Click on Customize.

23. Make your settings the same as mine below:

24. Make your settings again the same as mine below: The color is light gray.

Below I am going to show you what happens if you don't match your frames exactly.  Its called blinking and this is how it looks

Notice on F8 or frame 8 that my name is missing notice the actual animation it is blinking that's because the frames do not match each other.


1. Take the pencil animation and make your animation with 2 separate names.

Send in your lesson like so: Beginners Bumble Bee Lesson 1 (name) for credit. Send them to: