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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.


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1. In psp I want you to make yourself something using your own supplies really pretty. Put a frame around it.  You can add your name to it if you like.  But don't forget to watermark it.

2. When your done with it right click on it and click on copy. But don't close it we will be using the same image again.

3. Open up your animation shop and "Paste as a new animation".

here is what my framed image looks like now:

4. Right click on your image in animation shop and "Duplicate Selected".

5. So I don't have to repeat myself at this point everything your doing is in animation shop.

6. On F1 (frame1) click on it so its blue.  Remember like in psp blue means its activated.

7. Click on effects/Insert Image Transition.

8. Now using the screen shot below make your settings exactly like mine then click okay when your ready.

9. Notice that it inserted 11 frames and frame 10 (f:10) and frame 11 (f:11) have nothing on it. Its just the way animation inserts the frames. You don't need the last frame so click on it to activate it and right click/delete.

10. Once deleted this is how many frames I see now:

11. Now frame 10 (F:10) should still be highlighted blue but if its not click on it to activate it.  Right click again and click on Frame Properties

12. The frame properties box will open and make your settings the same as mine below:

13. Now left click on frame 1 to activate it.  Hold down on your shift key and scroll all the way over to Frame 9 (F:9) left click on the (F:9) this will activate frames 1 through 9 only.

14. Right click and again go to "frame Properties"

15. Make your settings the same as mine below:

16. View/animation.

17. Animation/resize and resize it 400 x 400 pixel size.

Make sure you know were it is, it will be the first part of the assignment

Now lets try this same effect but using different styles.

1. In animation shop close your last project after you have saved it.

2. Go back to psp and right click and copy your framed image.

3. Paste it as an animation in your animation shop.

4. Now go back to your framed image in psp and using your rectangle selection tool draw out a rectangle over your main image but do not cover your frame.  Mine looks like this:

5. Add a new raster Layer and Flood fill it with your background color like so:

6. Selections/select none.

7. Merge the layers flat.

8. Using your text tool or another image place it in the center of your frame mine looks like this now:

9. Again Merge the layers flat.

10. Right click and copy your framed words and go to animation.

11. Right click on Frame 1 (F:1) and paste "After the current frame".

12. Click on Frame 1 (F:1) to activate it.

13. Go to effects/insert Image Transition.

14. The same settings should be there as before so just click okay.

15. Again you will notice 11 frames (F:11).

16. Left click on F:11 and then right click, click on delete.

17. You should be down to 10 frames.

18. Now click on Frame 1 (F:1) to activate it.  Right click and click on frame properties:

19. Make that first frame the same as mine below:

20. Hold down your shift Key Click on Frame 2 (F:2) Now scroll over to Frame 9 (F:9) and left click again.  That should activate frames 2 through 9. Notice from the screen shot below they are all blue except frame 1 (F:1) and frame 10 (F:10)

21. Right click and click on frame properties and make your settings the same as mine below:

22. Now left click on Frame 10 (F:10) and then right click and click on frame Properties and make them the same as I have below:

23. View/animation looks pretty good doesn't it? Okay you can close the view.

24. Go to animation/resize and resize like above.

25. Save your animation so for the credit.

26. Now lets just take minute to explore common mistakes.  This is what happens when you don't duplicate the first frame:

So this should be a perfect example of what we have talked about before.  That in order to get a smooth animation your frames have to have something in them different.


1. Send in part 1 for credit.
2. Send in part 2 for credit.
3. Using your framed image only from PSP take it to animation shop and just clicking on insert image transition without duplicating the frame save it and send it in.  Don't forget to resize it.  I'm looking to see that you understand if what happens when its wrong.

Send in your lesson like so: Beginners Bumble Bee Lesson 2 (name) for credit. Send them to: