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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.


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1. Open up mini mouse animation into your animation shop.

We are going to make a frame for the animation. We need to determine the size of the animation: Shift+S brings up the resize box. Make sure that Percentage of Original is ticked and that 100 is in both the width and height boxes. Look at the width and height under Pixel Size and you will see the actual size of the animation: width: 250 and height 200.

Next we need to determine how many pixels we want the frame to be on each side. Let's make it 7px on each side. That means that the finished frame will actually be 14px more in width and height than the image we start with.

So, we need to subtract 14px from 250 and from 200 to get the starting size of the frame.

Now, on with making the frame.

2. Open up psp and start a new image 236 x 186 flood fill with white.

3. On your new canvas go to image/add border 2 pixels all the way around. Black as the color

4. Use you magic wand and click on your black border and flood fill it with a color of your choice.

5. Selections/select none.

6. Go to image/add border this time 5 pixels all the way around black again.

7. Use your magic wand and click on your black border and flood fill it with a color of your choice.

8. Selections/select none.

9. In your layers right click on background and promote the background layer.

10. take your magic wand and click in the center of your white and then hit delete on your keyboard this is what I have now:

11. Selections/select none

12. Right click and copy.

13. Go back to AS and on a blank spot right click and paste as a new animation.

14. Make sure your Minnie animation is open and activated. 

15. Go to edit/Propagate Paste. (NOTE: Propagate Paste is a "sticky" command, which means once it is turned on it remains on until it is either manually turned off or AS is closed; so once you turn on Propagate Paste, if you go to Edit/Propagate Paste again, you are turning it off.)

16. Now go back to edit and select all.

17. Activate your frame that you just made and edit/copy

18. Right click on F1 on your Minnie mouse animation and paste into the selected frame.

19. Place your frame so that your image is framed and all the sides look even then click.

20. When you have it in pace left click and proof what you know your entire image is framed.

Did you notice that you only had 1 frame made and it duplicated it for you.  Now lets add some other things to it.

21. Open up the DIAMOND animation in AS (animation Shop).

22. Take a look at the frames for that animation it only has 4 frames and our Minnie animation has 12 frames. 

23. Your framed mini mouse frames should all still be selected. If not make sure you go to edit/select all.

24. On the diamond image go edit/select all then edit copy.

25. Go back to your mini mouse frame and right click on f1 and paste into selected frame.

Notice how the diamond animation duplicated it self just the right amount of frames it needed for the framed mini mouse animation.  Pretty Cool.

26. Okay so what's missing from our animation?  Our watermark.  So like the frame above go make your watermark in psp and following the directions above with the frame place it into your mini mouse framed animation like so:

Here is my finished result:


1. Following the lesson and using my supplies turn in your animated framed mini with a heart and don't forget that watermark.

2. Using your own supplies follow the lesson (combine 2 animations and frame the final animation) and don't forget your watermark and turn your tag in for credit. Please send in the originals of the 2 animations you are combining to make the final animation. NOTE: when combining 2 animations the number of frames in the final animation must be divisible by the number of frames in each individual animation.

NOTE: You can find a few animations in the Honey Shop or you can search for free animation on the internet

Send in your lesson like so: Lesson 3 Propagate Paste for credit. Send them to: