Written and Copyright @CAC Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

1. Open up AS.

2. Right click and save the image below to your C drive.

3. Open up the image in AS.

4. Go to Effects/Insert Image Transition and follow my settings below:

5. You should have 11 frames click on the arrow to activate it and click once on frame 11.

6. Go to Animation/Insert Frames/Empty and make your settings the same as mine below:

7. Click on the last Frame F:12 its also the blank frame.

8. Click on your text tool find a font that you want to use.  Remember your color is determined by the color pallet on the right hand side of your AS.

9. Type in your text Mine looks like this:

10. Now on your color pallet on the right choose a color that you would want the background to be. I am using the same color as the original background so it blends better. 

11. Once you have your color choice Left click and drag your cursor over the HTML code it will highlight blue.  You want the entire HTML code. Then right click and click on Copy.

12. Now that you have you color for your background go to edit/select all.

13. Go to Animation/Animation properties/Opaque.

14. Click on the actual color box then place your HTML number in the box click okay and then okay again.

15. You should notice that the transparent background is now the color you placed in.

16. Lets slow down are speed of our tag.

17. Click on F:1

18. Go to animation/Frame properties and lets up it to 120.  If you don't remember how to do this then refer back to a previous lesson were we covered it.

19. Now click on F:12

20. Animation/frame properties and up it to around 180.

21. File/save as/ name it.



1. Send in one using my image above following the lesson.

2. Send in one using your own supplies and following the lesson.

Send in your lesson like so: Beginners Bumble Bees Lesson 5 (name) for credit. Send them to: