Written and Copyright @CAC Creations
This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

I have made this first part of this easy for you I have made the actual 2 images used for this effect.  But note you will be asked to supply your own images towards the end of the lesson. The two framed images that you use have to be identical in size.


Drag the Arrow to mark your progress

1. Open up the image in AS.

2. Notice that it has 2 frames with 2 separate images.

3. Make sure your on the arrow tool and click on F:1 to activate it.

4. Effects/Insert Image Transition, from the dropdown box choose Luminance Wipe and make your first set of settings the same as mine below:

5. Click on Customize and make your settings the same as mine below:

6. You should have 14 frames.

7. Click on F:1 to activate it.

8. Go to animation/frame properties and increase it to 150.

9. Click on F:14 to activate it.

10. Go to animation/frame properties and increase it to 150.

11. Go to edit/select all. 

12. Then edit/copy.

13. Go back to F:14 and click on it.

14. Go to Edit/paste/After Current Frame.

15. You should now see 28 frames and those additional frames should still be selected.

16. Go to animation/Reverse Frames.

17. Go to file/save as/name it.  If it drops it to 27 frames that's okay it takes care of duplicates.



1. Using my image provided follow the lesson and turn it in for credit.

2. Using your own supplies make 2 framed images in PSP first. They should be the same exact size width and height. Take it to AS and follow the lesson above. (NOTE: this lesson is about one image becoming another image using the Luminance Wipe effect in AS; you do not have to combine 2 tubes into 1 in PSP)

Send in your lesson like so: Beginners Bumble Bee Lesson 6 (name) for credit. Send them to: