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This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Drag the Arrow to mark your progress


Pick out a tube that is not misted.  Then after you make your wheel in AS you may have to take that tube to PSP to resize it and sharpen it so it fits the center of your Animated Wheel. Add your watermark to it while you have it in PSP.

1. Open up AS and go to file new. Make your settings like mine below:

2. Remember those Text lessons in baby bees were you can open up your Text and minimize it so you don't have to install fonts. Well you can do the same in Animation. You don't have to stick to the computer downloaded text.

3. Go to Effects/insert Text Effects. And make your first set of settings the same as mine below:

4. Now click on Font.  A typical text box will open up but color choice is not there because you should have selected your text color from the first set of settings. Your font and size is up to you but try and keep in mind the smaller the size of font the smaller the wheel will be. I have mine set at 72 so that the wheel is larger enough to place in my graphic without shrinking it to much.

Note many have asked how I got my words spread out like that hit your space bar when your typing in your text to add in either another space in-between the words or at the last word you type.

5. When your done sizing your text click okay to go back to the first set of settings.  Now click on Customize and follow my settings below:

6. When your done with all the settings click okay.

7. Now take a look at your frames, there should be a total of 17 of them. But scroll all the way over to frame 1 (F:1) and you will see its blank.  Make sure your arrow on your tool bar is selected and click once on F:1

8. Only F:1 Should be highlighted blue, click delete on your key board and you should be down to 16 frames.

9. Go back to your image that you want to paste in the center of your wheel and resize it as necessary.  I resized mine in PSP and it started as a very large image so I had to reduce down to 170 x 175.  Add your watermark and don't forget to sharpen it.

10. Take it back to AS and on a black spot in your AS paste as a new animation.

11. On the new image go to edit/copy.

12. Go back to edit and click on Propagate Paste.

13. Minimize your new image and activate your wheeled words.

14. Go to edit/select all.

15. Take your mouse and just place it over F:1 (frame 1) and right click.

16. Scroll down and paste/into selected frame. Place your image were you want it and left click.

17. You should see your image in every frame now.

See as its attached to your mouse and your placing it

Now after you left click it looks like this and paste the same image in the exact same spot on every frame.

Now that were done lets save it, saving a animation on a transparent background can sometimes be a challenge.  Hopefully the settings below will help.

18. Go to file/save as.

19. Name it and this option box will come up:

20. Notice what I have squared out that is what your currently set at.  Mine may look different than yours since I change my settings to fit my projects all the time.

21. Click on Customize

22. Make your settings the same as mine below

23. Click on the Optimizations tab and make your settings the same as mine below:

24. Click on Partial Transparency tab and again make your settings the same as mine below:

Note the Partial Transparency Tab is were you will make most of your changes depending on what your trying to save.  You may have to play around with the settings to get the desired effect. However I have noticed that no matter what I do on some projects I get the hallo especially on transparent images that you decide to add a drop shadow to. Best rule of thumb don't add the drop shadow if it shows up on a transparent spot. Or Hallo be they image. LOL

25. Once you down with those settings hit okay and check "Use These settings when saving unutilized files.".

Finish the save and your done.


1. send in 4 wheeled text's with images for credit following the lesson above. Don't forget those watermarks.

Send in your lesson like so: Beginners Bumble Bee Lesson 7 (name) for credit. Send them to: